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Adult Film Star Wesley Woods Attacked

Adult Film Star Wesley Woods Attacked

Adult film star Wesley Woods says he and a friend were walking in West Hollywood, where they were violently attacked for being gay.

On Aug. 10, Wesley posted a video on his official Twitter account describing  a homophobic attack in West Hollywood, along with the tweet: “The enemy wants u to be afraid, they want to force you into their idea of normal. I am not, you aren’t, none of us are— “normal.” We live this life the best we can w/ what we’ve been given in hopes of being our true self. Do not hide, fight for your space to exist & ALWAYS be YOU.”

Check out Wesley’s Twitter video below:


We at CAM4 love and support Wesley and all gay adult film actors and performers. On behalf of CAM4, we condemn the attack and wish the best for Wesley Woods and his friend, and their families. 💗





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  1. jackinablackbox says:

    I’m so sorry this happens… this is what Blacks in this country have always had to contend with. But no one believes us… not even gay white men.

    Kind of like this blog being devoid of everyone else except… well, you can see for yourself.

    In the jacked up words of 45… SAD!

    Keep fighting the good fight Wesley, but heal ALL of your wounds please. Glad to hear you have love and support.

    Many of us don’t… not even from the community that really doesn’t want to date us and makes no bones about it. Talk about being attacked! Oh well, we’re used to it by now.

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