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CAM4 Performer Interview: sk8er_dude_

CAM4 Performer Interview: sk8er_dude_

If you’ve been a fan of CAM4 for the past 6 years, then you’ve DEFINITELY seen sk8er_dude_! This German CAM4 professional, sk8er_dude_ never puts on a boring show, and you can always see him in his classic sneakers and white socks! (with nothing else on, of course)  Want to find out more about sk8ter_dude (and which toys he likes to use off-cam)? Read his interview below!



1) How did you come across CAM4 and what motivated you to start to broadcast yourself?

I’ve been online for a long time. At that time I started with another website where the guests were asked to pay per minute to watch … ok that’s 15 years ago. The quality of the webcams and the transmission speed were bad and I had to fight often with connection issues and unhappy viewers. At some point, a few years later I came across CAM4 by chance and found it great to be able to present myself to a larger community. The technology has also improved over time and was always fun for me. What got me to broadcast on CAM4 is a good question. Before I jerked off on my own, I can now do the whole thing in front of a running webcam and enjoy that it makes the community happy! Of course you have to be a little exhibitionistic. :)

 2) What do you like or dislike about CAM4?

I think it’s great how CAM4 has developed in recent years. I believe I broadcast on the platform since 2010, since 2012 under my current username. What has changed during these 6 years is imposing. At the early times one still had to struggle with system weaknesses, it is now almost flawless. The features that have been added are great. Roll-the-Dice, Fan Clubs, gifts and Live Touch are great add-ons.  But CAM4 still has a lot of development potential. If you look at other platforms and compare them, you will always find something that makes the other better or different. I personally like CAM4 and broadcast there exclusively. What you should probably introduce, would be a kind of virtual “feedback munch”, where the broadcasters can talk with the team about further developments or improvements. I think such an exchange platform would be helpful / informative for both sides!




3) I’ve seen that you often wear sneakers & socks – is that one of your fetishes, what makes you horny?

Yes and yes, it’s a fetish of mine. I wear sneakers and white socks in almost every show. And not only at the show, actually I always wear this style, except at night in bed. The optics make me horny. I also enjoy watching in public what the guys are wearing on sneaks and socks. If the guy looks “nice” and he wears white Sox and cool Nikes, it’s almost the hard-on guarantee.

4) Do you watch other performers on Cam4? If so, who do you like most?

I would have to lie now, if I ‘d say no to that. I like watching and being watched. That gives me a kick, I need audience. Quite apart, have already made friendships among performers. Chat or write at Whatsapp, make an appointment to stream at the same time. That’s great … I like it! I do not want to say now, whom I especially like. I think everyone who reads this interview, or knows me better from being in private contact with me and also is a Cam4 performer, is allowed to feel addressed.

70213365) Describe your shows in 3 words.

How, only 3 words? Ok, I’ll try … Hard-on-guarantee, Cum-guarantee, Fun-guarantee.

6) Which sextoys do you use during your shows and “privately”?

Unfortunately, I do not own so many toys. Should I change it?! But I have several dildos in different sizes, a hush, a lush and plugs. I often use dildos and hush in my shows and in private from time to time, but a real cock is then usually much better.

7) Do you have something special planned for your viewers in the future?

You always have to come up with something new. So far, I’ve only planned a couple’s show with a really hot fellow performer. This is supposed to happen quite soon. I will tweet about this on Twitter. So it’s worth it to follow me there!

Want to see more of skater_dude_ on CAM4? Check our his CAM4 page and follow this sexy German performer on all things social!


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Snapchat: Cam4gay
Twitter: @cam4_gay
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