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Tips for Making Money on CAM4

Tips for Making Money on CAM4

Your first thought when you finally sign up on CAM4 is probably, “When can I start making some money?!” Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see a lot of tips at first. Luckily, we’re here to make your transition from CAM4 newbie to cam star a whole lot easier! Make sure to book mark this page, because we’re about to tell you how YOU can start making money on the greatest cam site on the Internet!

Here are our tips for making the most money on CAM4:

1. Smile! Smiles make the world go round and show you’re in a good mood! Remember to never go on CAM4 without being in a good mood. A bad mood makes a bad show.

2. Sort out the technical stuff. Make sure everything is working: clean your cache, make sure your computer is running smoothly, test your Internet connection, and make sure your camera and audio feed are working.

3. Stand out from the crowd. This is especially important in the male section of CAM4, or “the sea of cocks.” Rise up from the sea by standing out! Don’t just sit there jacking off like the rest  – dance, play the guitar, wear some sexy chaps – try to stand out!

4. Don’t Spam. Don’t be the one performer who instantly messages every single viewer asking for a private show. Make a connection first, and if the sparks are there, make your move!

5. Don’t play favourites. Every performer has their high tippers and granted you can welcome them into the room, thank them for tips etc. but do not only direct attention to that one person. Distribute your attention to all your viewers and show them some love!

6. Don’t beg for tips. Most people are on CAM4 to make a little extra buck, and you’ll notice that the one with high tokens don’t beg for the tokens. Instead they set the goal and let the show flow, because they know that on somedays they may have tokens raining in and on other they may be dry. Just keep going and you’ll see the tips rise!

7. Don’t focus on viewer count. Viewers are good whether you’re a newbie,  as they can determine how noticeable you are on the site. But if you just pay attention to who goes in and out of a room, your viewers will surely lose there buzz and leave. Just focus on having fun and how you’re making your viewers happy!

8. Have fun! Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself while you’re on cam! Your viewers will be able to see you enjoying yourself and will want to stick around.

It takes time and practice to finally see yourself on the CAM4 home page! So get on cam and prepare to start rolling in that CAM4 dough!



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  1. Rob says:

    Hey, thanks. Just found this and wanted to say I find it outstanding practical advice. It’s inclusive and positive.
    I’ve been a supporter of performers (male) for many years now and do what I can to optimize everyone’s experience at the website. But particularly the performers because they are the engine that keeps the power on. I wish what you’ve written could go to each newbie with the opportunity to get more in depth education. The smile advise is so powerful. The have fun idea too seems to slip away pretty fast for some. Anyway. thank you.
    Cam4 has come such a long ways in what I feel is their responsibility to keep performers safe, and now educated. When I joined cam4 I had plenty of the experience to be a model but was older and thought, hey it’s time for me to have a good time without having to work so hard (I’m a Nurse) but quickly realized I knew so much more than I thought when I saw some shows and guys that should be superstars-fail. Over and over. Cam4, per the terms, was only a conduit, or like the hardware required to put the person out there. Nothing more or less. There was no help! It was almost a tragedy in some respects because the only reason for failure was lack of information. I took this quite seriously and at times had to remind myself this isn’t life and death like my job. I still see so many “newbie” mistakes that setup failure. I do what I can with very few now-my life has expanded elsewhere. (early on I peaked at helping 16 separate shows). Mostly hetero males, then gay males, and a couple couples. Most of it was about safety of all things. I just shake my head now. All have become such good friends but even I thought 16 was getting far fetched. I can’t do it all. Plus-haters. as if it wasn’t hard enough. But then, there are the naturals that can do shows right out of the box. I was blessed helping one of those beginning with his first broadcast. I told him what I know as suggestions, I tried not to color anything in terms of performance from my view. the show entirely was his own with me quickly just now and then pointing out “learning opportunities”. Is all this guy needed was fast, solid, practical information-the sort your article is about. and he’d follow through to perfection and was one of the most successful models ever for the site. It was late spring, then summer 2012. He set that time frame and goal of doing it over an extended summer. So it was controlled, comparatively short time frame, but oh so popular and sweet. Luckily too what I predicted in terms of his privacy post cam4 rapidly came true for him. It was common sense.
    For most, this model/performance gift is absent and perseverance is my best advice. I suppose that’s life, isn’t it? thanks, Rob

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