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CAM4 Performer Interview: Havotek

CAM4 Performer Interview: Havotek

Have you ever heard of Havotek? Not only is he one HOT CAM4 performer, he’s also a sex positive kink educator with a Prince Albert (ouch!). Havotek is ready to show the world what he knows about BDSM and kinky play, and his first stop is CAM4! He’ll be publishing his first post of his blog series, Tied Up with Havotek, later this week, exclusively on the CAM4 Gay blog!

So, what kind of fetishes turns this kink educator on? And what can viewers expect from him? Check out our interview with kink educator Havotek down below!




1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Me? Well, my profile covers a lot of the bases. I’m a kinky bi-sexual Otter-Pup with a scruffy significant other. I spend my time on CAM4 showing off and helping people on the road to self exploration. There’s no shame in my game, I enjoy connecting you with what turns you on! I live on the road traveling the U.S. teaching and connecting people with communities where they can grow and feel accepted.

2. When/why did you decide to start camming?​

I started camming back in 2007 for a couple of different sites. Once I discovered CAM4 in 2008 I began to dabble with using it to connect with people on a fun and kinky level. I’ve been an official member of the site since 2014 and have been helping make the world a kinkier place one show at a time ever since!

3. What do you do when you’re not on cam?

Ah, off-camera. When I’m not broadcasting on CAM4 I’m still monitoring my inbox and answering fan questions, coming up with promotions and giveaways for the videos available in “MyShop” on CAM4, and creating new and fun content to share with the members of my fan club! We chat a lot, I do my best to be as attentive as possible with the members of my page because it’s a community! We all work together to make one another feel safe being ourselves, and remind each other that self-love starts with KNOWING you belong. You’re WANTED. YOU are always worth your TIME. That being said, you’re always worth Mine. That’s the finest fan service I can provide 😉

On the FLIPSIDE: When I’m not working with fans I’m a bit of a nerd. I watch cult classic films, play video games, spend time with my two dogs, and the scruffy Love of My Life. We explore the outdoors and lay around in the sun a lot. On occasion we visit rare kink events in our area to promote sex-positive and stigma-free kink education.

4. How has camming changed your life?

Camming has changed my life by allowing me to provide a much needed service to the kink community without sacrificing my traveling lifestyle, or time away from the beautiful family I’ve created. Growing up a “kinkster” isn’t easy, and kink in general is met with a lot of stigmas. Being able to contribute and better the lives of others means the world to me.
I’m honored and motivated every day by my fans.




5. What is your best asset/physical feature?

Ha! Now that’s a question for my Fans, not me 😉 I’m gonna say MY FANS And FOLLOWERS Of course!
During my shows – I’m told it’s a tie by the members of my fan club. If I’m showing off, my Prince Albert piercing is everyone’s favorite. If we’re just hanging out on cam chatting about kink and winding down from a rough day, it’s my smirk or positive effort to have FUN!

6. What sex position gets you off the fastest?

Sex positions…damn, that’s a tough one. I’m a HUGE fan of 69. As someone who’s primary style is versatile, I would say missionary position is at the top of the list for me.

7. What are your favourite sex toys to use on and off cam?

My favourite sex toys eh…oh man…there’s just so many options. Maybe good soft ROPE. You can use it for ANYTHING! Definitely the Sex Swing that suspends from my ceiling…And a nice FAT Butt-Plug. What else do ya need? Haha! I’ve used them all on cam and off cam.

8. You’re a “Sex Positive Kink-Educator.” What does that mean? How did you become a Kink-Educator?

“Sex Positive Kink Education” is exactly what it sounds like. A lot of kinky things are looked at as taboo, intimidating, or disgusting by society today. What I do is educate curious minds and those willing to listen to show them it’s not bad to be Kinky. I help Shine a light on safe kinky sex practices, allowing those new Kinksters the ability to grow and be themselves in a way that’s beneficial to their community instead of creating Stigmas or mistakes based on fear and ignorance.

I became a Kink Educator after I had several opportunities to work with the Professional Adult Film Industry and Online Voyeurism communities, Word got around that I was consciously making an effort to encourage Safe Consensual Kink exploration and Kinda knew my “Stuff”. I worked for a few companies providing Education and Training on Safe Kinky Sex, Found this platform…and here I am years later working with Cam4 to help connect Kinky people with Communities that Care!

9. Are there any specific kinks or fetishes that turn you on?

I’m a big fan of BDSM and LARGE variety of Kinks that it encompasses. BDSM involves headspace and TRUST. Beautiful sexual experiences can come from the exchange of the power it requires, and there’s always new ways to experience your partner!




10. What would you tell someone who’s just starting to get into BDSM/kink?

I’m so glad you asked! BDSM is just one of MANY Kinky flavours out there and it encompasses a variety of different Kinky activities. What I usually tell someone who’s curious about BDSM is CONSENT and COMMUNICATION, it’s extremely important to discuss your sexual “Scene” or “Scenario” ahead of time with your partner so you know your LIMITS. Have a SAFEWORD. It’s ok to start out mild and call it quits before anything crazy happens. You can discuss your feelings with your partner, and next time you will both be a little more comfortable. Ease into it, the more your willing to learn and educate yourself on properly, the more fun you can have!

11. What is the worst stereotype about BDSM/kink?

The worst stereotype of BDSM is that it’s casually associated with violence, and consent is often overlooked. There is absolutely no reason for anyone involved in your kinky scene to act on or do anything you are uncomfortable with. You should never be rough with someone who is unwilling or allow someone to hurt or inflict pain on you beyond the limits you discussed before the scene began.

12. You’re planning a Kink Blog Series with CAM4! Can you tell us about that and what viewers can expect from you?

I will be working with CAM4 to blog about KINK! It’s gonna be fun! You can expect to see me answering fan questions, giving demonstrations, and educating on safe kink positive sex practices! Everything from leather, BDSM, ropes and rubber, you name it! I’ll be talking about where and how various kinks started, their histories, and how we’ve come to know them today! As well as providing links and contact information to get fans in touch with like minded communities that care!
I can’t wait to get started!


Havotek 2


Thank you Havotek! Are you as excited to see Havotek‘s first kinky article from his blog series, Tied In With Havotek? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to find out when you can get your first preview!



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