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Join Boyhous on his CAM4 Birthday Show!

Join Boyhous on his CAM4 Birthday Show!

Porn star and our own CAM4 Coach, Boybous, is going to be partying CAM4-style this weekend, and he wants YOU to take part in his birthday celebrations!

On May 20th, Boyhous will be filming his birthday cam show LIVE on CAM4 at 12pm EDT/6pm CEST!

What’s a Boyhood birthday without some hardcore fun?! His birthday celebration show will include some hardcore anal and open hole play with monster sized toys ranging from 10 inches to 18 inches, feet play, fleshjack,smoking, poppers, and Maximum Impact play!

All earnings from that show will be donated to the Adopt a Boxer Rescue organization. The perfect candle on top <3 So far, Boyhous has raised almost $200 to the charity – and it’s not even his birthday yet!

Want to support boxers and see what Boyhous has in store for his birthday? Make sure to watch his live show on May 20th HERE!

Follow Boyhous on Twitter!

Check out his official website: www.boyhous.com

Check out Adopt a Boxer Rescue’s website: www.adoptaboxerrescue.com


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Instagram: @cam4gay

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