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CAM4 Performer Interview: EvanAndAaron

CAM4 Performer Interview: EvanAndAaron

Who are rising CAM4 performers EvanAndAaron?! They’re a hot, Italian gay couple who want to show off their love on CAM4! These two have only been camming since February, but they’re ready to take their camming game to the next level. Evan and Aaron have a show coming up on May 18th with new CAM4 member, mrdilfItal​y, and they want YOU to join in!

Want to know more about these two bellissimi uomini (and the two men they’d love to cam with on CAM4?)?! Check out their exclusive CAM4 interview down below!




Tell us a bit about you two. When did you two meet and how long have you been married for?

We met for the first time 13 years ago at a party but then our lives took different paths until 2 years ago when we met again and started dating. We could say that it’s been “love at second sight”. We aren’t married yet but we will next year.


How often do you two work out, and how do you maintain your fitness?

We usually work out three times per week. Aaron plays soccer and I (Evan) go to gym on a regular basis. We both love playing outdoor sports together such as cycling, swimming and running. Food is also important for fitness. We try to keep a healthy diet but we are not obsessed with food control. Food means love and, together with sex, it’s one of the biggest pleasure one can have in life!




What do you two do when you’re not on cam?

We both have a normal and busy life. Aaron owns a little farm and I work as a freelancer in the Real Estate business.


When/why did you two decide to start camming?

We started in February 2018. It started like a game and it’s been a kind of a natural process. We are exihbitionist by nature. Since we became a couple we always enjoyed making hot video of us. We liked to watch ourselves in the mirror while we were fucking. Plus, several people in the past – maybe for joke or maybe not, who knows – said to me and Aaron that we were supposed to be porn actors. So, when a couple of friends told us about CAM4 we said, “We can be really funny, so why not?”



What do you two enjoy about camming, and how has  it changed your lives?

The thing we like most is to show how kinky we are, it’s very exciting! We love talking with our friends about their sexual fantasies. CAM4 has a beautiful community, we felt immediately welcomed with all the support from the members and the staff –  our italian coaches Louis and Alice, the french coach Théo and the American coach, Boyhous. All of them are lovely people. We are also nominated for the Best European Cam Model in the Prowler Porn Awards and it was really unexpected!

Camming didn’t actually change so much in our lives. But one thing is changed: we’ve never felt so free and satisfied.

What is your partner’s best asset/physical feature?

Evan: Aaron’s smile. And cock, of course 😉

Aaron: Evan’s lips and skin.

What sex position gets you off the fastest?

Doggy style – it’s better with collar and leash.

What are your favourite sex toys to use on and off cam?

We love all our kids but the tail-plug is so sexy and hot…. mmmmmm



If you two could cam with anyone on CAM4, who would it be?

Can we say it? We have two names: Q2to (Théo Oaks) is the sexiest and we would lke to taste his smooth body and ass; Boyhous is the hottest and we are really curious to discover personally how big is his hole.

If you could eat any food off your partner, what would you eat?


How big are your dicks?

Aaron: length 18 cm (7 inches); circumference 15 cm (almost 6 inches)

Evan: length: 19 cm (7 and a half inches); circumference 12 cm (4 and a half inches)

Are there any specific fetishes that turn you on?

Sportgear and leather is what turns us on the most.

You two have a show coming up on May 18th with new CAM4 member, mrdilfItal​y. Can you tell us what you will be doing in this show?

mrdilfitaly is a good friend of us. He is mostly top and dominant and he is trying to fuck Aaron’s ass. We are trying to do the same with his. So it will be a challenge between us and him. The viewers will have the power to lead the show and decide playing with dice.



Want to see more of EvanAndAaron?! Make sure to follow their CAM4 page and check out their HOT LIVE threesome show on Friday, May 18th at 11:30am!


Follow them on Twitter: @EvanAaronIT

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  1. gay fickt says:

    Evan and Aaron my favourite guys. That’s have a nice harder fucks on cam. Extreme GAYS!!!

  2. Webcamporno says:

    Cam 4 webcams are the best. I love the boys and girls that broadcast live. I have had many private with these webcamers models and they are all fantastic.


  3. gay ficken says:

    Aaron and evan very handsome, my favorite team i love watching them on fantastic 2 webcam

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