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Meet CAM4 Hotties, ManuYDiego!

Meet CAM4 Hotties, ManuYDiego!

HOTTIE ALERTS! Have you ever seen the hot, gay Argentinian couple ManuYDiego? These two are a SENSATION on CAM4, whether they’re filming their hot shows as a couple or filming with friends. If you have already been to one of their shows, we’re sure you’re hooked on them, just like us! We’re already in love with Diego (43 years old) with his big blue eyes and juicy 🍆, and Manu (30 years old) with his smile and his big 🍑 They make the perfect camming couple!!

Want to know more about these two hotties? Scroll down for their official CAM4 interview!

1. What does CAM4 mean to you?

Our relationship started out as long-distance – Manu was in Spain and Diego was in Argentina. CAM4 became the way to be closer to get us closer to one another.

Our long-distance relationship intrigued our viewers as well. Currently, CAM4 is our favourite space to have fun, meet people and make new friends.

2. How would you like to introduce yourself to your followers?

We are Manu and Diego, a couple like any other, who are learning to freely love each other.


3. In what do you consider yourself different from other CAM4 performers?

During our shows, we try to broadcast our own love with our viewers. People notice it and they get a lot more excited than if we just showed up. When we cam, we do it with a dose of reality. Sometimes we are eating, sometimes we’re in bed, and sometimes we’re just chatting. We like to share everyday activites on cam.

In addition, we’ll occasionally bring in guests who make our fun and sexual fantasies multiply, by three, by four, by five…

4. What are your hobbies?

We build beautiful, brick toy houses on cam that can then be seen on our shows.

5. What would your perfect date be like?

Diego: Spend the afternoon alone with Manu, resting outdoors, holding hands or holding each other, listening to music, eating sandwiches and fruit. Then, we invite someone to spend the night with us.

Manu: An outing or walk that ends at home with good music and something delicious to drink. Then we spend the night pampering and cuddling each other (sex is not excluded).

6. What are you wearing to sleep in?

Diego: I wear ear plugs to sleep better, but no clothes. I really like feeling Manu’s skin and making him notice my erections.

Manu: Nothing. I like to put my ass hair on Diego so that it gets hot. Besides, I like it when he ejaculates on my skin; I do not want any clothes that keep me from feeling it!



7. If there was a party for all of CAM4, who would you be the life of the party, and would who would go unnoticed?

Diego: I would have a great time meeting people, but quietly. But after a few drinks I would be giving out very hot kisses. And Manu would be shouting “PUTAAAAA!” Hahaha.

Manu: I would be making Diego drunk so that after a few he can get some hot suitors to take home!

8. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

Diego: I would be an eagle. I would love to fly high and be free to go anywhere.

Manu: I would be a butterfly, because nobody would ever suspect a butterfly!


9. What super power would you choose if you were a super hero?

Diego: I would travel in time (yes, to have sex).

Manu: I would stop time (I would spy so on many things!).

10. Are you a voyuer or an exhibitionist?

Diego: A voyeur – I’m very horny.

Manu: I’m a horny exhibitionist. I love to warm up!

11. How would you describe yourself and your shows in 3 words?

Sexy, sexy, sexy!

12. Is there something you have done in CAM4 that you never thought you would ever do IRL?

Diego: I never thought that I would undress before an audience, much less have sex in front of them.

Manu: Come invite people to cam with us and let the public tell us what to do.


13. What is the sexiest thing you have been told in the CAM4 chat?

That they can notice how much we love each other just by seeing the way we look at each other.

14. And what is the weirdest thing that someone has asked you in one of your shows?

That we should shave our heads. On another occasion we were asked to have sex on the balcony, exposed to the street, but that was not unusual – it was rather hot.

15. What is your craziest sexual adventure?

Have fun on camera with three friends until our instincts broke out and we ended up in our room practicing a double penetration.

16. What was the moment in  which you realized that you liked to be on cam?

When we understood that we can be ourselves and create beautiful things for those who watch us.

17. People have a lot of prejudices towards camming. Is there a myth that you discovered was totally false?

Diego: I thought, “Everyone will see me.” That is definitely false!

Mayu: “All those who are connected are wankers who just want to masturbate.” False. We have made great friends here and we keep making them!

18. Do you have a fetish, or something that you would really like to try?

Diego: With Manu, I discovered that I love his underwear. I love to feel its texture, its aroma, its temperature, how it adapts to your body. I love observing and imagining what is underneath, feeling it with my lips, trying to put my tongue, or my hands, or my penis, under the fabric. But my favorite fetish is his ass.

Manu: I really want the LiveTouch. When I was living in Spain I was about to buy it to have to cybersex with Diego. If any charitable soul wants to give us one, we will be happy to use it on cam!

19. What do you think is the best part of your body?

Diego: My penis. Good width, good long. It’s cute.

Manu: And he has a lot of premium!

20. Have you ever dreamed of a CAM4 model? You do not have to tell us the name if you do not want 😉

Diego: Not really, but there will undoubtedly be many models that we would gladly invite to cam with us.

Manu: I have not dreamed of one, but I managed to have sex with some of them!

21. What is the best thing that they have given you in life?

Diego: Love.

Manu: Love and food.




22. Is there any surprising feature about you that we would never think about when watching one of your shows?

Diego: I am very, very shy, and I have many insecurities regarding my body.

Manu: I am very closed-off in person. CAM4 brings out the best in my personality and humor.

23. Has camming improved your life in any way?

Diego: It has helped me accept my body and image.

Manu: It has given us security, which is difficult to get otherwise.

24. If you could change your username in CAM4, which one would you choose?

We love ManuyDiego! We would only change it to Manu & Diego to make it more international!


Muy morbo! Want to see what else ManuyDiego is up to? Check out their official CAM4 page and subscribe to their live cam shows! Make sure to also follow the couple on Twitter to find out when they’re live on CAM4!




Snapchat: Cam4gay
Twitter: @cam4_gay
Instagram: @cam4gay


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