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Gay Fashion Campaign Receives Backlash

Gay Fashion Campaign Receives Backlash

The Dutch clothing company, Suitsupply, has received homophobic backlash after unveiling their new Spring/Summer 2018 campaign, which showed male models kissing, touching, and posing intimately wearing the brand’s apparel.

The “Find your Perfect Fit” campaign has been seen in stores around the world, and while the ads display a positive message about human sexuality and gay rights, the brand has received numerous complaints and backlash from homophobes on Twitter and Facebook, saying the brand had a hidden “gay agenda.” The brand also lost 12,000 followers on Instagram.

Thankfully, Fokke de Jong, the CEO of Suitsupply, came to the rescue and explained that while the controversial campaign has recieved some backlash, the company has also seen a positive impact from fans and other fashion brands.

“It’s amazing what one kiss can do,” he told Business Insider. He also explained that a global campaign featuring gay imagery, such as kissing, hugging, or any sensual poses, is “long overdue.”

“The message of this campaign is love, attraction and passion. We are a fashion company and we sell clothes but it was not targeted to commercialise the gay community.”


CAM4 is with you, Suitsupply! Keep on spreading messages of love and compassion 👨 ❤ 💋 👨


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