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CAM4 Performer Interview: Oz_Gym_Boys

CAM4 Performer Interview: Oz_Gym_Boys

Have you ever seen Matt and Steve on CAM4, the hot, Australian gay couple who love to get naked, fuck all day on cam and share their love with the world? 😍 If you have, you know these two are taking the cam world by storm! And now they’re giving an exclusive interview to CAM4 about their relationship, how they rose to fame, and which night of the week they like to get down and dirty. Want to know more about these boys from down under? Check out their interview below!

Tell us a bit about yourselves and how you guys met?

We met through mutual friends about 5 years ago where we had started a very passionate relationship, like what you see in  a cheesy romantic film, however we were both in very different stages of our lives and made the choice to end what we shared. 4 years later after always remaining in contact, our paths had connected and we have happily been together for a year now and all that cheesy romance has made a return and is here to stay 😛

We are both very active men who are passionate about fitness, we love the sun, speedos and sex. Matt loves cars and motorbikes and all Steve wants is a cute puppy dog to take selfies with.


Has being a CAM4 performer affected your jobs in anyway?

Yes, Matt has recently retired from his 13 year career as an underground coal miner driving heavy machinery to focus on our career as CAM4 models. Steve has cut his hours down dramatically and is soon to retire but ultimately wants to do casual work with rehabilitating penguins while focusing heavily on being a CAM4 model.


Being new to CAM4, did you ever think you would be this successful, and how has this success changed your lives?

No, we always had Tuesday sex night which involved long passionate experimental sex, one night we thought how hot would it be to have people watch us, that’s when we decided to jump on CAM4 and it just blew up and we became quite successful and within 4 weeks we were informed that we had reached Australia’s #1. It has changed our lives as Matt has resigned from his career and Steve works a lot less. We are also moving to a sunnier city so we can always be picture perfect :)

How do you balance maintaining a sexual relationship off camera?

We are the horniest people you’ll ever meet lol, we have so much love and passion for each other that we have sex multiple times a day.


Do you feel like performing together has brought you closer together as a couple?

Yes, we were always quite close but performing together has made us basically inseparable, we are the best of friends as well as lovers.


Do you ever get recognized?

We have been recognized by a few of our friends but one day we were at a pool party and was approached by a fan asking if we were Matt and Steve and had informed us that he watches every show.

Do you prefer to broadcast on your own or with your partner? What are the advantages and disadvantage to both?

If we ever went on by ourselves it wouldn’t be the same. Our chemistry, passion and humour we share together is what makes our fans love us. We are also very monogamous, we don’t even wank when we are alone as we are always having sex and we are always happy to help each other with some stress relief lol.


Have you guys thought of bringing another male into one of your shows?

Never, We complete each other as a whole, and we are definitely soul mates. Matt is the dominant top with the massive dick and Steve is the sexy muscle bottom with the best ass. We are the perfect match and what would the third person do? Stand and clap? Or camera man lol.

How big are your dicks?

Well lets just say Matts dick could cure world hunger lol Who cares about Steve’s dick size when he has that amazing ass!



Are there any specific fetishes that turn you on?

Whats the word count for this question? our gym bag isn’t full of sweaty gym towels, water bottles and jock straps. But we do need to go to the gym to lift it out from under the bed 😉

How did you discover CAM4 and what made you decide to broadcast?

We always attend Sydneys best gay parties, like Daywash and KiKi that are sponsored by CAM4. We saw all the advertisement for CAM4 and thats what led us on here that Tuesday sex night.


If you could travel anywhere in the world to do a themed show, where would you go and what would be the theme and why?

Oh Wes I’m glad you asked, I beg Matt all the time to take me to Santorini in Greece, as for the theme were not quite sure but it would definitely involve speedos

How did you feel to hear that Australia voted for gay marriage, and what does it mean to you?

Watching and seeing Australia vote yes toward gay marriage was such an emotional day. It’s not just that we now have marriage equality but all the hard work the generation before us fought towards has finally paid off and the younger generations don’t have to feel so alienated and alone. It was just such a happy day for the country to see how many people are actually supportive of our community. sometimes we think Australia is so behind but that day proved we are progressing as a country. We would both love to get married but it’s only been a year, and we have the rest of our lives together so what’s the rush :)

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