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CAM4 Performer Interview: DrkKnight81

CAM4 Performer Interview: DrkKnight81

Tell us a bit about yourself

DrkKnight81: I’m a 36 year old married man (sorry all…she put a ring on it) and father of 3. I live in southern New England and have been in New England in general for 30 years as of last August. Best way to describe me is I’m a wiseass with good intentions. My friends call me DK for short…screenname’s a mouthful!

What did you do before camming?

DrkKnight81: I was pretty much a jack of all trades before camming. I’ve sold everything from computers to cars, done landscaping and spent 8 years in the Army as a Combat Medic.

Do you still have to find time to jerk off when you’re not on cam?

DrkKnight81: Of course! Can’t let fans have all the fun! Plus it’s great stamina training!

What type of cam shows excite you the most?
DrkKnight81: I’m still trying to figure that out to be honest. I’ve enjoyed the hidden cam shows to this point. It’s starting to appeal to the voyuristic feelings in me.

Why did you decide on the username ‘DrkKnight81’?
DrkKnight81: It’s a play on my main email Dkinght81. I’ve been using it for nearly 20 years and it’s the easiest email address to remember when I changed platforms from AOL to Gmail. That’s another story for another day!

What are the challenges you’ve faced as a performer?
DrkKnight81: I think the biggest challenge as a new performer and as a performer of color is just coming up with ideas that haven’t already been done. I’ve done Karaoke shows and I might try a few other ideas rattling around in my head!

How does being a performer make you feel, has it boosted your confidence? If so, how?
DrkKnight81: They say when you do something you enjoy it’s not work. Before this I’ve honestly never been naked in front of anyone I wasn’t dating or married to. Performing on cam has definitely taken me out of my shell and I feel a lot more confident than I did when I first started. When I started out people demanded something I would just do it! I didn’t know any better. Since coming to CAM4 from Chaturbate I’ve learned so much and it’s made me a better performer.
DrkKnight81 02

How do you deal with trolls in your room?
DrkKnight81: I troll them right back! I take no mess from anyone!

Have you measured your dick? If so, how big is it? If not, give us an educated guess.
DrkKnight81: I measured it a long time ago and I think I measured around 8-8.25 inches….Not Mandingo, but not something to laugh at.DrkKnight81

What’s your favorite sex toy to use on cam?
DrkKnight81: Don’t really know the answer to that…I know off cam I’ve been enjoying my cock rings.

If you could do a show with anyone in the world, alive or dead; who would it be?
DrkKnight81: That is a very tough call! There are many I’d love to do a show with! I don’t know if I could just do a show with one! If I had to though I think Nyomi Banxx would be at the top of  my list…honestly I’ve never done anything with an African American woman.

How do you balance being married while also being on cam?
DrkKnight81: Family always comes first in my life. I focus on my wife and cam once I’ve taken care of her needs. I live strongly by “happy wife happy life!”

What do you enjoy most about camming?​
DrkKnight81: Interacting with people! I’m a very social soul! I think of camming as being a very sensual bartender! Instead of coming up to the bar and chatting people look at me getting off!

What advice would you give to a male who is interested in camming?
DrkKnight81: Just do it! When guys think of camming they think of a female only industry. Nothing could be further from the truth! If guys can have sex in movies they can have sex live on the internet!


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