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Update on the Disappearances surrounding Toronto Gay Village

Update on the Disappearances surrounding Toronto Gay Village

While this blog post may be different than those we usually publish, this story is community-based for us and many of our amazing gay performers on CAM4, and we hope the best for the members of the Toronto Gay Village and those affected by the disappearances.

This week, the Toronto Police Department arrested and charged 66-year-old landscaper Bruce McArthur with the murder of two men who went missing from Toronto’s Gay Village – Canada’s largest gay community and a welcoming area for gay men, lesbians, and trans people.

McArthur has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the disappearances of two gay men – Andrew Kinsman, who went missing in June, and Selim Even, who went missing in April. Police have not found the bodies, but found evidence in McArthur’s house and the trunk of his car.

The police now believe there may be more victims of McArthur. Within the Toronto Gay Village, there have been a number of disappearances since 2010, some of which might be related.

This week, the Toronto Gay Community is feeling a bit of closure due to the news, and are hoping police will find a connection to other disappearances in the area over the past decade.

We at CAM4 also support those within the Toronto Gay Village and want to make sure their message will be brought to light during the investigations. The Village is an energetic and passionate area year-round, and each year in June, Toronto hosts Pride Month and uses the area to create one the largest pride festivals in the world, which draws crows from all over the world.

CAM4 advises our users and performers to be safe when using apps to meet up with each other, and to be proactive in helping each other during nights out and at events.





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