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CAM4 Remembers #WorldAIDSDay!

CAM4 Remembers #WorldAIDSDay!

Today, CAM4 is remembering those who have been affected by AIDS/HIV by recognizing December 1st as World Aids Day! This important day reminds us that a lot of information about AIDS has changed since the first World Aids Day was launched in 1988. December 1st is also a day dedicated to remembering those who have died from AIDS, and to raise awareness about the global spread of AIDS/HIV.

Last May, CAM4 was a proud sponsor of the 2017 AIDS Walk in New York City, and we’ve donated all we can the charity behind World Aids Day (thanks to our amazing performers!)

Today, make sure to tweet a picture of you in red  @cam4_gay and use the hashtag #WorldAIDSDay to show your support for those affected by AIDS/HIV! Also, remember to read about World AIDS Day, donate to the cause and get yourself checked!

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