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CAM4 Performer Interview: Imhotforteac

CAM4 Performer Interview: Imhotforteac

Imhotforteac  is a perfect example that things DO get better with age! This 40 year old athletic has the key to staying young…and for him, that’s camming on CAM4. Read his interview below and what brought him to our cammily.

WES: Tell me a bit about yourself

JASPER: I’m Jasper Woodcock. I’m 40 years old. I’ve been camming since August 2017, I’m still in my Rookie season. I was born and raised in what most consider the best country in the world, The United States of America. I love traveling and hope to some day soon venture out to countries I have yet to visit. I’m hoping that this camming gig help support those dreams.

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WES: What did you do as an athlete?

JASPER: Pretty much all my life I have been playing sports (soccer, baseball, football, bowling, basketball, etc.). I was very competitive in them all, but baseball was my passion. I experienced the most success in baseball and just finished a professional career which ended in 2010.

WES: Are the “locker room” stories true?

JASPER: All the locker room stories are true. That is one thing that I never do. I tell it like it is. No bullshit on my site. All facts. Cum visit my show and find out more about all the locker room stories and share yours with me.

WES: What the most homoerotic thing you’ve done or seen?

JASPER: First off, I love all my fans. They are all great people and I have even began to consider them close friends even without ever meeting them in person. With that being said, they have convinced me to do some crazy shit that I would have never thought I would do. I blame them and jokingly say that if it wasn’t for peer pressure my shows would suck! I think at this point, I have done everything but take a strap-on or a real cock to my ass and BDSM.

WES: As an athlete do you feel your stamina is higher?

JASPER: I know for a fact that being an athlete has helped with my stamina. I spend approximately 5 hours a day at the gym as a personal trainer or either working out myself. I just hit the BIG 4-0, so I have to stay physically fit and ahead of all the youngsters. I’m trying to represent the MATURE cammers to the best of my ability.

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WES: Do you ever get recognized?

JASPER: I have yet to get recognized in public. I do tell all my followers that I would be extremely disappointed if they saw me and never came up to say hello. I try to create a personal relationship with all my fans while camming. So I want everyone to know that I look forward to them participating in the chat portion of my show, hence the term chat room! :-)

WES: What are the challenges you’ve faced as a performer?

JASPER: I think the biggest challenge was starting out as an unknown model with absolutely no fans following me. Another challenge has been my age. Quite honestly though, my personality and muscular toned body has helped attract some wonderful fans. My personal goal is to be the best 40+ camming model in the industry and set a great example for those in hat MATURE category.

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Do you prefer to broadcast on your own or with your partner?

JASPER: What are the advantages and disadvantage to both? I enjoy broadcasting – period. It’s a lot of fun. I actually wake up each day and look forward to saying hello to all my fans. The male solo shows do not always attract large crowds, but there are some great conversations. In a couples show, there are several thousand more fans of all genders. There are some outstanding tippers in my solo shows but financially there just isn’t any comparison when camming with a partner. When doing solo shows its nearly impossible to create the perfect sexual fuck fantasy and show off your fucking skills to the viewer. A partner show puts all that on screen and in front of them visualize instead of fantasize.

WES: How often do you jerk off?

JASPER: Since I started camming, I found that I do not jerk off nearly as much anymore when not on camera. Why? Simple answer, because when I cam daily, I’m jerking my cock for 4-6 hours a day. I’m beginning to develop calluses.

WES: How big is your dick?

JASPER: I honestly never measured my cock until I started camming. I was asked that question numerous times in my solo shows, so I finally broke down and measured my hard on. It’s officially a little over 6.5″ so being an egotistical male, I rounded up to 7 inches. My cock is pretty much average but packs a powerful punch!

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WES: Are there any specific fetishes that turn you on?

JASPER: I really never considered any particular fetishes to be a turn-on until recently. I was asked to do a couples chocolate shower scene which turned out to be a very exciting show. One of the largest shows ever and the picture and video sales from it have yet to slow down. Look for more food fetish shows soon.

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Have you ever experimented with another guy before?

JASPER: I have not experimented with another guy . . . yet! There have been a few solo shows that I personally have been so horned up that it wouldn’t have matter if there was a male, female or trans in the room with me. Someone was going to suck and get fucked until a major cum explosion occurred.

WES: Are you open to the idea of doing shows with males?

JASPER: I have no problem doing shows with other male performers. I am actually looking forward to it. I can’t say exactly what the show script would look like, but I not it wouldn’t be disappointed and it would be HOTT as hell!

WES: What do you hope to get out of being a Cam Performer?

JASPER: I hope to continue to have more an more fun with each performance. I’m not going to lie, I want to be one of the best known cam models in the world. I want to continue sending positive vibes throughout the camming world and help unite all races, genders no matter their sexual orientation or preference. I have said it numerous times in my broadcasts, that if we as people would just take the time to communicate with one another, there would be a lot less hate in this world. My goal each day is for the following things to occur: put a smile on their face, chat with me without having to beg, get the viewer hard or wet, have them masturbate uncontrollably and then shot the largest load humanly possible.

WES: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

JASPER: Thank you, Thank you! Thank you! From day one, I have been welcomed with open arms and that motivates me every time I go live. I love the interaction, I love the support they give. The fans are truly incredible and I hope to one day set up a meet and greet and cam with a few of them!


Cam4 Account: imhotforteac
Snapchat: hot4teachers
Twitter: @HotForTeachers
Instagram: imhotforteachers
Facebook: imhotforteachers



Snapchat: Cam4gay
Twitter: @cam4_gay
Instagram: @cam4gay

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  1. Markus says:

    Awesome as fck interview Wes. Jasper puts on a rockin show couple & solo. Keep up more of these performer interviews. (And Jasper keep lookin badass and we keep watchin!!)

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