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CAM4 Performer Interview: TheAnthonyV

CAM4 Performer Interview: TheAnthonyV

TheAnthonyV is one of our newest cammers and he is here to squash the stereotypes! He is a proud African-American male from Jamaica and wants his viewers to hear his story…

His first show is on Sunday, October 29th, 2017 at 8pm! 

WES: Tell us about yourself and why you wanted to start camming.

TheAnthonyV: I go by Anthony V. I am 29 years old, from Westmoreland Jamaica and moved to Canada at the age of 7 to live with my father. I consider myself to be an average guy. I enjoy going to the gym, watching movies/anime, also hiking and fishing in the summer. As far as camming goes I am not ashamed of my body and proud of the skin I live in… There’s no bigger boost of confidence knowing you have an audience of admirers out there. Plus it’s always good to add a bit of color and spice to the industry, especially with camming being the future of porn and all.

WES: Growing up as an African American male, did you feel you had to hide your sexuality?

TheAnthonyV: I grew up in what I would consider a typical black Jamaican household.  As a young child, I felt that I had to hide the fact that I was gay. My family never once gave me a reason or showed me that they would be fine if they had a gay son or sibling.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 3.42.03 PM

WES: When did you come out, and what was it like for you?

TheAnthonyV: I knew I was gay at a very young age. That was when I started to notice other friends starting to have “girlfriends” and I realized shortly after that I did not show the same interest in females as they did. I did end up dating a few girls to hide the fact that I was gay. I stopped trying to convince myself that I could try to be straight around the age of 21 right after I completed college. Even though the girls I had dated were great in their own way, I was never truly happy with them and could never completely love them the way they deserved to be …It was unfair to both of us.

I finally came out to my mom at the age of 23.  One day she just flat out asked if I was gay.   My mom still lives in Jamaica and is what I consider a hardcore Christian woman. I don’t believe she was mad that I was gay, she was more disappointed. After I came out, it took her a few weeks to finally come around. She told me she had spent a lot of time crying and of course praying …After what seemed to be longest phone call EVER she told me she would love me no matter what and that I will always be her son.

My father, on the other hand, had a field day. I knew he was very homophobic and I knew once my mom told him he would flip out …boy did he ever. Now I thought it wouldn’t bother me as much because I expected it, BUT I was kind of hoping he would surprise me in some kind of weird way. I think I took it harder than expected because I considered myself a great son. I was a good child and very respectful growing up, had good grades in school, never got into trouble, worked hard, and paid my own way through college. Even though he was never the one to tell me he was proud of me, I knew he was… but in one moment none of that mattered and all he saw in front of him was another “faggot” instead of his son.

One of the most difficult obstacles in any gay male’s life is worrying about being accepted when coming out for the first time, especially to family, but as is the case with many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer youth.

WES: Do you feel self-conscious because of the stereotype that all black men have big dicks?

TheAnthonyV: When I was younger, sure, but now being much older and wiser I know not all black men have “big” dicks. Let’s just say I have seen my share of “average” ones. Now I try not to worry about the size of mine, the way I look at it is you can’t change it, so work with what you got. You can’t go trade it in when a bigger one becomes available, so why bother stressing over the size. PLUS, I’m a BOTTOM …I worry more about keeping my ass toned and my hole tight.


WES: Because you’re so built and masculine, most would assume you’re a top. Are people surprised when you say you’re a power bottom? 

TheAnthonyV: All the time, that was another identity crisis/struggle I had to go through. I was actually a top for like the first few years after I started to date guys. I guess because I was black and have what I would consider an above average size dick that I needed to be the top. But when I decided to bottom for the first time I loved it, and I  KNEW that was the role for me.


WES: What is your best physical feature?

TheAnthonyV: My smile… People do say I have pretty eyes though lol

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WES: What position do you prefer?

TheAnthonyV: I like to be on my stomach with a dominate top drilling my ass while pinning me down.

WES: What’s your idea of a perfect date night?

TheAnthonyV: Doing something a little more outside of the box. If you plan something creative and out of the ordinary instead of the average “dinner and a movie” and can still manage to make me laugh, and carry a conversation regardless of the topic then that is all I could really ask for.

WES: Where is your favorite place to cum / where do you prefer someone to cum?

TheAnthonyV: Down your throat… down my throat… next question…

WES: Do you have any fetishes?

TheAnthonyV: Sure do, but nothing really kinky or dirty to be honest. I just REALLY love rough sex lol which in all fairness I blame on years of watching exaggerated porn. So, sadly, the soft stuff just doesn’t do it for me.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 3.44.43 PM

WES: What advice would you give other men of color who are afraid to come out?

TheAnthonyV: Don’t rush it… take your time and come out on your own terms. At a certain age, you are going to stop caring about what other people think of you.

It took me 10 years to accept myself for who I am, and another 2 years to build up the courage to come out. I was lucky to have had a few gay friends and was in a relationship at the time, so I at least had people to talk to when I was feeling down that could pick me back up. I found it was far easier to come out having at least one person who already knew, that I could confide in before telling my family. Regardless, our community is constantly growing and I feel like today’s youth have a bigger platform and more support than ever. Just know there is always somebody out there like you and that you are NOT alone.

If you love TheAnthonyV as much as we do, be sure to follow him on Twitter  and Instagram, and WATCH HIM LIVE!


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