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CAM4 Performer Interview: Mredenx

CAM4 Performer Interview: Mredenx

CAM4 performer mredenx always strives to put on a good show for his viewers. He likes to incorporate new and exciting things into his broadcasts, so it keeps fans guessing. Sometimes Mredenx will even guests on his show to spice things up a bit. One thing that he takes pride in are his videos. He has 15 + videos in his myshop, and his catalogue continues to grow. Read below to see what he had to say about his journey as a cam performer.

WES: Why did you choose to become a web cam performer?

EDENX: I became a cam performer for many reasons!  I love to show off my body, get compliments from viewers, and try to find new opportunities to earn money since the town I live in has limited opportunities.  I have so much fun during my cam shows.  It’s a great way to meet interesting people along the way.

WES: What is your favorite fetish?

EDENX: I don’t have a full on fetish. If I must say, it has to be a sexy ass or a muscular fit guys that I can dominate in the bedroom. I do enjoy a lot is fetish food porn 😉


WES: As a performer, do you like to watch other people on cam as well?

EDENX: Of course I do! I believe you learn a lot from watching other people on cam and you also get a chance to have fun which is a bonus.

WES: How did you decide that an open relationship would be the best option for you?

EDENX: I haven’t had a relationship for years now, but I prefer to have an open relationship or “fling” because at this point in my life I don’t need the drama.

WES: What is your best physical feature?

EDENX: The thing that people compliment me on the most are my hands .. they are big and really strong. My second best feature I would have to say is my uncut 9 inch cock.


WES: What can viewers expect when they watch one of your shows?

EDENX: I usually have a cam partner with me, his name is  Jed. Viewers can see how I dominate him using BDSM.  He is isually the submissive and I am the master.  I do also do romantic passionate shows from time to time. We have a big variety of stuff that we like to do and when I do cam alone you will either have a spontaneous cum show or an awesome chill chat session.


WES: Are you the romantic one in your relationships?

EDENX: I am to an extent but at the end of the day they must know that I would prefer to fuck long and hard and push the romance aside. 😊

WES: What types of positions do you like to do ?

EDENX: I love ass, so obviously doggy style is one of them. I love changing locations during sex.  For instance, during sex I like to go from the shower, to the bed, to the kitchen… you get my drift , Wink!

IMG-20170504-WA0001 (2)[1]

WES: When you started camming, did it change your daily routine?

EDENX: Yes, in the caming industry one of the main factors are regular shows at the right time. Sometimes that can mean less sleep and it’s a lot more time orientated.

WES: Is there anything you haven’t tried during a show that you would like to try?

EDENX: Nothing that I can think of at the moment.  New ideas are definitely welcome! I have tried a variety of things and and my favorite was a fetish food porn gold show that we did.

WES: As a performer, it’s good to make your shows different so that you don’t get bored of them. How do you make your shows exciting for yourself as well?

EDENX:  A simple way to make it more fun would be to use different toys , playing games, and of course asking the viewers or fans what they would like to see in my next CAM4 show.




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