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CAM4 Performer Interview With: Joshua23cms

CAM4 Performer Interview With: Joshua23cms

joshua23cms has been a performer on CAM4 since 2014 and is still going strong! His ‘MyShop’ is filled with video content and his twitter has allowed his fans to follow his journey from the start! We were lucky enough to get the inside scoop on how Joshua got started and what has kept him around for this long!

WES: Tell us about yourself, how did you get started in the industry?

JOSHUA: I’ve worked as a cam model for about 3 years now. I started working in the industry to improve my social skills because growing up I was very shy.  Camming has made me more outgoing and I am much more open to meeting new people now.

WES: What made you decide to start camming?

JOSHUA: I decided that becoming an online performer would help me meet new people and make strong relationships online. My friends who were already performing told me stories about the interesting people they’ve met from this community.  I decided to try it myself.

WES: How do you decide what types of videos to film?

JOSHUA: In the beginning, I started making videos that my viewers had requested. I was receiving tons of requests and I started to understand what people wanted to see.  From there, I decided to get a bit more creative and push boundaries.

WES: What was your experience on cam like?

JOSHUA: My experience on cam has been great! I’ve met lots of awesome people and have made lots of new friends. Not every single person online is amazing, however, most people are super sweet and supportive.   I tend to not spend energy on the “bad guys”.

DSCN8381 edit[1]

WES: When you have sex in your personal life, do you film it?

JOSHUA: I have recorded myself during sex.  In total, I think I’ve filmed about 2-3 videos.

WES: If you could have sex for the rest of your life with one famous person, who would it be?

JOSHUA: It would be Ariana Grande, I like her innocence.

WES: What is your biggest turn off?

JOSHUA: My biggest turn off, is very dirty sex.

DSCN8347 edit[1]

WES: How often do you have sex?

JOSHUA: Unfortunately, I don’t have sex that often.

WES: What was it like when you first started out? Did you get nervous that friends and family would discover you?

JOSHUA: When I started performing I didn’t tell my parents what I was doing. I was afraid that they would discover me. In the end,  I decided to have a conversation and explain to them what I was doing and why. Friends are a different story,  most of them are performers too.



Twitter: @joshua23cms



Snapchat: Cam4gay
Twitter: @cam4_gay
Instagram: @cam4gay




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