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Valentine’s Day Celebration on CAM4: Earn 100 Tokens!

Valentine’s Day Celebration on CAM4: Earn 100 Tokens!

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here and the way to celebrate whether you’re single or taken is by doing a show on CAM4! To earn 100 tokens, follow these 3 easy steps and don’t forget to have fun :)

1. Perform a Valentine’s Day themed show on February 11-14
2. Include the #Vday tag in your show status
3. Tweet a picture and use the hashtags #CAM4 and #ValentinesDay with your CAM4 URL during your show

This isn’t a contest, so as long as you follow those 3 steps you will receive 100 tokens.

If you’re looking for ideas on what you can do to make a good Valentine’s Day show, here’s some ideas from Nikki Night:

  1. Host a raffle to give away items that will make viewers feel more intimate and closer with you
  2. Play games with naughty endings like roll the dice or truth or dare
  3. Reward your top tipper(s) with a romantic prize
  4. Get out the strawberries and chocolate or whipped cream… or Nutella <3
  5. Let your viewers watch you have a candlelit bath or a massage, something more sensual than usual
  6. Make your own glory hole or have a partner cam with you!


If you want to have more fun with CAM4 for Valentine’s Day, enter our photo contest on Twitter! We’re giving away 10 prizes to the most creative and well-executed themed pics. And yes, anti-Valentine’s Day is a theme 😛

Follow @cam4_gay on Twitter for our full Valentine’s Day coverage!

Watch Valentine’s Day shows on CAM4

Rules & Regulations
1. Must be a verified CAM4 member in good standing
2. Only 1 payment of 100 tokens per performer regardless of the number of shows you perform
3. Open to performers located globally!

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