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Freaky Halloween Costume Contest on CAM4

Freaky Halloween Costume Contest on CAM4

Everyone’s favourite season (and the best reason to dress up and be someone or something else for the week) is here. It’s time to let your inner darkness out for our annual CAM4 Halloween Costume Contest! I can’t lie, the bar has been set pretty high – take a look at our past winners:

This year we’re extending the costume contest to all CAM4 performers regardless of your location! There’s 10 prizes of 500 tokens to win, our panel of judges will decide which photos showcase the most creative and best quality costumes.

Our panel of judges consists of the community managers behind our Twitter accounts:

Judging is not biased to location or earnings, it’s simply who shows us the best costumes. And if you’re a costume queen or king, yes you can submit as many entries as you wish!

Coming soon we’ll have a video from Nikki Night to give you some easy yet badass Halloween costume ideas.

Follow @cam4_gay  on Twitter to get the full Freaky Halloween effect 😉

Rules and Regulations
1. Must be a CAM4 performer in good standing
2. Tweets must feature a video or image of your costume and/or decorations
3. Photos must be current and must be your own content otherwise you will be disqualified
4. Multiple entries are accepted but there’s only one prize per performer

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