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Celebrities Weekend: October 1 & 2

Celebrities Weekend: October 1 & 2

Ever dreamed of fucking Brad Pitt or Pamela Anderson? Or have you ever wanted to be a celebrity who releases a sex tape? Thanks to technology and imagination, both of these are achievable this weekend on CAM4. Dress up as your celebrity crush and show CAM4 how you imagine they would masturbate or fuck. Everyone who follows the two steps will receive 100 tokens!

Step One:
Schedule and complete a show dressed up like a celebrity any time on October 1st & 2nd with the hashtag #Celebrities in the show description.

Step Two:
During your broadcast, tweet a pic with the hashtags #Celebrities #CAM4 and your CAM4 link.

Each successful celebrity show will receive 100 tokens, but there’s more to be won! The top 10 photos tweeted with the hashtags #Celebrities and #CAM4 will win 250 tokens each.

We can’t wait to see your celebrity shows this coming weekend!

Rules & Regulations
1. Only verified CAM4 performers in good standing will be eligible for payment
2. 100 tokens per performer regardless of the number of #celebrities broadcasts
3. Performers in any country are eligible

Schedule your #Celebrities show

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