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The New CAM4: Introducing #Tagging!

The New CAM4: Introducing #Tagging!
We can’t read your mind, but we can now make sure you’re finding the best CAM4 shows when they’re live. Read more to see how our new tagging system works!

We’ve dropped the new CAM4 today. This isn’t just a redesign or a new feature, it’s your new best friend and wing(wo)man who asks no questions when you’re looking for outdoor anal shows. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here’s what the new tagging system means for you.

First, what does this mean for performers? 

It means more control over your success. Tagging your shows correctly means more viewers will be able to find you. If you’re doing a blow job show, tag it! And if you’re doing a solo masturbation video, tag that too. Simply write the hashtag(s) that apply to your show in the description. You can update this  as your show goes on.

What does this mean for viewers?

It means immediate access to whatever you’re in the mood for. Blow jobs, outdoors shows, anal, there’s a tag for everything. Above the live cams you will now see a string of hashtags. Click what you like and you’ll see all the live shows featuring that content.

Please bare with us while our hard working performers master our new tagging system. If you’re a performer, help us stuff our viewers homepage full of hot tagged shows! Pssst leave a comment with your favourite tag, we want to know the best of CAM4.

Surf the New CAM4 and use our #tagged shows to maximize your pleasure.

See The New CAM4

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