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Super Bowl Madness on CAM4: Join Now!

Super Bowl Madness on CAM4: Join Now!

This Sunday is the Super Bowl, a day for food and all-American football and jocks. Even if you’re not into football, we have something you’ll enjoy. Many things actually. This Sunday, February 7th CAM4 is being taken over with cocks, jocks, and everything Super Bowl related. It’s the real half time show.

If you want to dust off your football outfit and join the fun, all you have to do is schedule a show for anytime on February 7th and include the #SuperBowl hashtag. You’ll be able to see all of these shows below, as well as in your weekly CAM4 digest so make sure you’re subscribed. Sign up to get extra promotion, new viewers, and celebrate the biggest sports event of the year!

Talk sports or Super Bowl pics from CAM4 camboys on Twitter, follow our #CAM4SuperBowl hashtag.

Follow @cam4_gay for live tweets of all Super Bowl Madness on CAM4, and much more 😉

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