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Christmas On CAM4 In 3 Steps

Christmas On CAM4 In 3 Steps

Throwing a Christmas party is the perfect time to show Santa that being naughty on CAM4 all year should get you permanently on the “nice” list. So if the mistletoe isn’t the only thing you’ll be under this Christmas, spread the cheer and invite your viewers to watch you open your gift.

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Step #1 – Deck The Halls

Decorate your room with your viewers by doing fun things like:

  • Decorating a Christmas tree
  • Hanging lights/ stockings
  • Decorating your toys as reindeer

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Step #2 – Don Your Festive Attire

A Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without your CAM4 version of the “Holiday sweater”

  • Use wrapping paper and create some festive underwear
  • Use bows to cover your ‘gifts’
  • Use a string of holiday garland to wrap around yourself or attach to your underwear or jockstrap
  • Hang mistletoe from your underwear to show where you like to be kissed
  • Get creative and dress your private parts as a Christmas character
  • For a really different twist, dress up as one of the ghosts of Christmas and tell your viewers a story

kale34 mn_cock

Step #3 – Festive Activities

We all love the holidays because of the fun things we get to do, and your viewers are no different. Try one of these show ideas to delight your fans.

  • Make a snowman
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Sing carols with your viewers names in them
  • If you play an instrument, put on a Christmas concert
  • Do a show by your fire place (make sure you are 100% safe!)
  • Do a show as a Christmas character

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