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CAM4 Public Chat

CAM4 Public Chat

As soon as you decide to take that step and press ‘Broadcast’ on the CAM4 homepage you are moments away from being in ‘Public Chat’ where you are live to all the viewers on CAM4. Your broadcast image will be seen on the home page, when viewers click on your image it takes them into your chat room.

In public chat you will have ‘Members’ and ‘Guests’ enter your room, you can see them all under the ‘Users’ tab above your chat window.

Members- These are people who have created an account with CAM4 and logged in using an email address, you will see their user names in the user tab. Only the first 50 members in your room are allowed to participate in chat, this helps to moderate the room.

Guests- These are people who have not logged in with an email address and are just viewing the site, these people cannot talk in your room.

Gold Members- These are members of CAM4 that pay for extra features like no adds on the home page, multi-screen, private messaging, extra chat filters, and they can set up a password protected room. You can identify these members by their yellow user names in the chat. As a model you can become a gold member at a discounted price and as a model you can even pay for a gold membership with tokens.

There is a time for Public and a time for PVT

The way to gain fame on the site is to be in public chat where all the members will get to meet you and see your show. It is a good idea to focus on one thing at a time. For ex. Doing your public show first then taking your PVT’s after is a great way to please all the members on the site.

Use site tools to your advantage.

Use live show scheduling to let your fans know when you are on. Have a consistent schedule so fans know where to find and you will make more fans. CAM4 now automates Tweets customized to your live show scheduling.

Use color in your room!

The home page on CAM4 updates every 2 min so use this to your advantage. Using a colorful background or lighting draws the eye to your room so fans are more likely to check you out.

Watermark your cam.

This is important because it prevents fans from uploading your image elsewhere. This is also a fun effect that can add to your room that you can put info about social links, raffles, videos, TIP leader, or your show

Being yourself is so important

Do shows that actually turn YOU on and get YOU excited, the hottest thing isn’t WHAT a performer is doing, it’s watching a performer who is truly turned on and feeling pleasure.

Connect Twitter to CAM4

Twitter is an amazing marketing tool and when you connect it to CAM4 it does even more for you. It tweets your URL link for you (the link in your browser search bar) so your fans can find you easier and faster on the site. Twitter connect on CAM4 even tweets your scheduled shows for you! It sends out a tweet 15 min before you are to be on cam and then again 5 min after you have been live on CAM4, tweet right from your browser window, its that easy to get more viewers.

What to expect in Public Chat

The motto for Public Chat should me “Expect the unexpected!” This is what makes CAM4 different from some other sites; you are allowed to perform in public and that is the reason it is so fun. Anyone who has visited CAM4 will say the same thing, it’s exciting and you never know what you will see….or hear. Viewers will say almost anything to you so be prepared for the random personal questions, confessions, requests, or even ridiculous statements.

Skype or Paypal bb??

LOTS of people will ask for Skype shows, don’t be fooled. As I mentioned before Skype is unsafe for performers, so is Paypal! Your real name is given out when you do Paypal with someone. Also CAM4 will ban performers for asking for or accepting Paypal bb.

Want me to moderate your room for you?

These fans may be just trying to help but I recommend not letting just anyone be your moderator. As your moderator they will have the power to ban, kick, and silence other fans in your room. You should choose someone you trust and remember you can take away the privilege whenever you want. You don’t need to have a moderator at all if you don’t want one.

Millions of free requests bb….

As a model you need to remember that you will make 100% of your income from 20% of your viewers. So once you have accepted this you wont get mad at the viewers who are just watching and not tipping. If you put on a great show your 20% will grow, sometimes people are just broke that day or are just watching you to see if they want to be a permanent member of your room.

TIPS! Compliments! and More…

It’s a good idea to state what you accept as gratitude both in your profile and in your broadcast window so your fans will thank you properly.

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