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CAM4 Dick Of The Day: Burnin_fire

CAM4 Dick Of The Day: Burnin_fire

I’m Burnin Fire a 26 year old French guy who lives close to Switzerland and is a new cam boy to Cam4. I’m Gay and versatile and I adore new experiences. I’m creative; always thinking about new ways to do my CAM4 shows, and always experiencing new fantasies. I’m a seducer too; I love the sensual part of sex. As a perfectionist I need to give my best in my shows, pictures, and videos. If you don’t know me, you NEED to watch one of my shows NOW!

What are your hobbies?

As I said before I’m creative, I love to learn news things all the time. I love photography, dancing, music, and everything about art. When you mix it with sex, I think it becomes very interesting.

How did you get involved with Cam4?

I’m an exhibitionist; I love to be watch by people. I had been using CAM4 for a long time but just as a viewer. One day one of my friends asked me if I wanted to broadcast with him not for sex, just to talk with people. A few guys watched us, saying I was cute and sexy. It made me very horny. When I came back home I created an account on CAM4 but this time I wanted to show off. I felt so turned on that I became addicted to showing off.interview

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you like to have?

A good friend, a good lover and a good cook.

What are you favorite sex toys?

I love anal plugs, and my big dildo (the red one, guys know it from my shows) but I have to admit there’s nothing better than a real dick… or two or three… hehehe

Do you have any fetishes?

I don’t know if I can say I have any fetishes. I’m not a total addict of anything. But there are two things that excite me a lot men in suits and beautiful underwear (undies are my sin!!!)

What are your favorite CAM4 shows to watch?

It depends on my mood, I love group shows sometimes, but what I love the most is a guy with a handsome face and nice body, if he has a great dick it’s a total win for me.interview2

Do you have CAM4 crush?

I have to admit; some guys on CAM4 are fucking hot! So yes I have had many crushes.
I have also made friends on here too. I always have good times when I’m online because of the friends I have made. I have planned on meeting a few guys, some for sex and some for friendship.

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