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Getting Ryan Russell Naked

Getting Ryan Russell Naked

Tell me about your live sex shows at the bathhouse and why did you start doing them?

Through my production company, tvAXXX.com, we’ve been creating live XXX hardcore experiences for more than five years. Live shows give our amazing fans total access to the performers, the production, and you can literally smell and feel the heat! In the same way that the music industry adjusted to digital marketplaces with a reinvented live tour industry, we’ve brought this type of thinking to porn performers and producers and adult brands, which has manifested in monthly auditions, hundreds of live shows and special events, and even some unexpected surprises, like the Shaggin’ Wagon at last year’s Pride Festivals.ryan-russell-8

Since we are able to hook up online now, do you feel that the bathhouse culture is dying down?

The bath house culture is still very much its own thing, but I think there’s a customer that would previously ONLY have baths as a place to meet like-minded guys and now there are more options. That said, there’s no place I’d rather meet a hook-up than a bathhouse: You have the security of the bathhouse and its staff, the peace of mind that you’re not going to have your house robbed or find yourself somewhere unexpected, and most importantly, you can make a mess and never have to think about washing the sheets. I know that Spa Excess is still seeing record numbers and more younger, and new customers that might not have tried it without digital hookup culture.

Why did you decide to start doing webcam shows?

The live shows were initially started because Jeff over at Str8Cam asked me to do some shows for his fans, many many years ago… So that’s how it began, and the response was insane so I’ve always prioritized the camshows as a regular way to keep in touch with my fans all over the world and we’ve consistently chosen Cam sites and services that offer a FREE option so anyone and everyone can always tune in, another reason I’ve been working through CAM4 for so long now.

Where do you see the web camming industry going in the future?

I think after mobile camming is mastered, the next step is going to be an interest in anonymous performance platforms that balance the exhibitionist/performer’s natural interest in being seen by as many people as possible. When anyone can quickly, easily, and anonymously show their stuff with a waiting and engaged audience, I think everyone and their gramma will be camming and tuning in.ryan-int-21

Now with anyone being able to record content and share it, how has amateur porn affected the porn market?

It’s clear that the effect of online distribution, legal and otherwise, has been dramatically affected by the audience interest in amateur, free, POV, cheap-to-produce and fun-to-make amateur media. The smart ones have been agile and actively work to engage with that audience. Pornstars can’t help but promote their studio production work when they’re actively creating home vids, personal pics, and other amateur-type content. Folks love it and it helps audiences find related work. Porn companies that have embraced this supplemental market have all benefited from the new opportunities its generated. You can also count any number of bankruptcies and closures for studios that failed to jump on board.

Having been with different cocks, is there a kind of cock you like the best?

I’ve honestly yet to find a cock that didn’t turn me on like mad, when attached to a person who’s got the right attitude and is all hot and sweaty for a good time. The prettiest cock on an fuckhead won’t get within spittin’ distance. BUT, it’s hard to say no to a monster big dick, especially with a nice whack of foreskin to play with. Big cocks even give you a nice handlebar to grab onto when you’re fuckin’ ’em!

Thinking back to the guys you have done scenes with, what performer really turned you on? How were they turning you on?

My all time favorite scene partner is still Tyler Saint, also my first scene partner. He’s an intelligent, kind, and sexy man all the way through. It was only easy to instantly love everything about porn, shooting with TitanMen, Tyler Saint and me in a parachute cum sling in the California forest. Feels like we coulda be fuckin’ for weeks before we’d run out of things to do.

If you were left on a deserted island what 3 things would you bring?

I would bring a knife, a reusable water-filter, and a shipping container full of hot boys.

What kind of porn do you like to watch?

I’m so fucking horny, my brain is like a 24-hour porn loop so you’d think I’d be desensitized or something but it’s the opposite. I fucking love porn all day and all night. Pretty much as long as there’s a guy on screen, I’m fully into it. Big guys, small guys, muscle guys, leather, pups, bears, otters, furries, ancient pot shards of satyrs and demigods… I’m mesmerized. So I’ll answer your question with a question: Whatchu’ got and can I come over?

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