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Dream Pets: New Gifts on CAM4

Dream Pets: New Gifts on CAM4

When you’re tipping a performer, whether it’s a friend, someone’s birthday, or a hot girl waiting to do a squirt show, gifts are way cuter than just sending someone tokens. If you haven’t sent a CAM4 Gift yet, all members can do it, you just need to have some tokens. Simply click the Gifts link under their profile picture for an offline person, or click Send a Gift underneath any live show and pick your favorite. The recipient will get the tokens and a cute gift, and you’ll have your gift displayed on their wall for a month!


Who doesn’t want to send a hot pussy a fancy kitten like Snow White? Every girl deserves a cute gift, and these just happen to be our cutest 😉 So who’s got a birthday coming up? I’ll be waiting to see who sends the first Dream Pet! *cough cough* Kylaa.

That’s enough sales pitch, let’s get to the super cute new gifts! Today we unleashed our Dream Pets category, which currently is only three cats. We want to know which pets you’d like to see in a gift or what other kinds of gifts you’d like to send to your CAM4 friends.

Leave a comment with your CAM4 Gift suggestions!

Send a Dream Pet Gift Now!

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