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Top 3 Nudist Beaches in the World

Top 3 Nudist Beaches in the World

When things start to heat up this summer, there’s no better place to be relaxing than on a nudist beach. All over tans, no swimwear to be in awkward uncomfortable positions, everyone at one with nature, what more could you ask for? Just make sure you manage to apply your sun cream liberally, although I’m sure you could find someone more than willing to help.

The Bassona Beach in Emilia-Romagna is one of the biggest and longest strips of beach in Italy making it one of the largest nudist beaches – at one entire kilometre in length. It has smooth white sand and a beautifully warm climate, which will make you more than willing to strip off your clothes and enjoy the scenery. Bassona Beach is situated south of the Ravenna and is part of the three kilometer long Lido di Dante.


Red Beach in Crete is an isolated and tranquil place with sandy dunes hidden behind a rocky hill making it the perfect location for nudists to sunbathe and swim. RedBeach is located in southern Crete, twenty-five minutes away from Matala. This is a truly beautiful beach and has Egyptians carved into the rocks. You will need to take your own towel, however more recently there is a little shack where you can buy beverages. Relax with a cold drink at this wonderful beach.

Plat Beach is a beautiful area, 12 km from Dubrovnik and 4km from Cavtat. This beach is a hidden gem and has a great nightlife to it also. There is little shade at this beach but it has a café nearby to cool down with ice cream as well as a restaurant. This discrete area is a great place to escape all the hectic summer tourists and have a chance to wind down, relax, and feel the sun beam down against your skin.

I grew up on a beach town, so you could consider me an expert in sex on the beach. I also know that any beach could be a nudist beach at certain times of the day (or night). There’s just something about being out in the fresh air where you could be caught, in the throes of passion with a lover….oh it’s the sweetest part of summer!

Have you been to a nudist beach before? Was it actually a designated nudist beach? Share your naughty beach stories in a comment!

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