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CAM4 Talks to Aussie Performer, Matey79

CAM4 Talks to Aussie Performer, Matey79

AHOY MATEY! We have an interview one of the hottest Australian bears on CAM4, Matey79! Since 2014, Matey79 has become one of the best rated male cammers on CAM4, and he has no plans to stop!

Want to find out what kind of gifts Matey79 likes to receive, and which sexual experience he’s LOVE to share on cam? Check out this Aussie boy’s interview down below!


1. Tell us something about yourself. What are you like when you’re not camming?
Haha no one would have a fucking clue that camming is what I get up to when I’m alone. I started camming when I was a student, and now I’m a working professional again. I’m just a normal quiet guy who likes to keep fit. It just so happens I also get off on stripping off and on cam and showing off my hard dick. Pretty sure if you met me in real life, you’d have no idea I cam…

2. How did you come to CAM4 and what made you start camming?
I started camming when I was a sick of being a poor student. After being in a relationship, I wanted some sexual excitement that wasn’t strictly “cheating.” Turns out I enjoy doing it and viewers seem to like me doing it too.

3. Voyeur or exhibitionist? Do you have a preference?
Definitely exhibitionist… Although I didn’t really realise until the first time I went on cam.

4. Have you ever done something on CAM4 you thought you’d never do?
I have quite a few limits, (as I said, I’m a pretty shy guy) but I also have plenty of “firsts,” even if they are not as full-on as what some others do on cam.

5. In hindsight, which sexual experience would you have loved to share on CAM4?
Part of me wants to show viewers what banging my girlfriend looks like, but a bigger part of me knows that is definitely off limits. A small part of me worries that I’d be clumsy and unimpressive haha…But I think I’ll stick to the solo act.

6. Do you have a favourite sex toy? Can you tell us about it?
As much as some viewers would like me to do things to my ass, I think I’m just a bit too straight for that. Sorry guys!


7. What kind of advice do you have for new performers?
Treat your viewers with respect and have fun. We’re all the same – just horny and here for a good time.

8. What is the best thing a viewer has gotten you thus far?
Oh damn…My underwear game has gone through the roof since I started camming haha. I’ve been sent some really nice clothes and underwear. A key moment was the first time I reluctantly accepted a jockstrap haha. It took about a year of convincing (Aussie guys don’t really wear them much) but they’re actually really comfy and good for gym/sport! Thanks for persisting guys!

9. Can you tell us about the funniest experience you’ve had on CAM4 until now?
I don’t show my face, but a couple of times I’ve slipped up. Viewers would’ve spotted a shocked look on my face as I realised what I’d done LOL. Apart from that, there was one time I felt a tremor/earthquake while I was naked and had a  hard-on. It freaked me out and I went soft real quick.

10. What hobby’s do you have?
Sport, gym, and chores. Spending time with my girlfriend. Rinse, cycle, repeat. CAM4 is a great break from the daily routine.

11. What is your favourite fetish request? Do you have fetishes yourself?
As I said, I’m pretty tame and a “guy-next-door” type by CAM4 standards, but I think that’s part of the appeal to some of my viewers. No real fetishes, except that I get off on showing off, which is what CAM4 does best.



12. What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on CAM4?
Hmm… I was extremely naive when I started camming, so I’ve been shocked a lot. I didn’t know rimming was such a big thing and I’m still surprised that guys get turned on by my hairy butthole (even though I have been convinced that my ass is pretty good by now). A lot of requests have sounded a bit bizarre to naive little old me, but hey, I’m not one to judge.

13. In what way did camming have a positive effect on your life?
Okay, on a serious note, since being on CAM4 I have gained so much more confidence in my body than I ever had before. I honestly didn’t know that I had assets that would be genuinely praised and appreciated. I had no idea that my dick would get so many compliments – I just hadn’t seen that many compliments before (or paid enough attention to notice the good ones from the not-so-good ones). But on top of that, it’s been really nice that viewers appreciate my politeness, kindness and positivity. I’ve gained a lot of confidence in lots of ways thanks to CAM4. Much appreciated!

14. Which other CAM4 performer would you like to meet in real life and why?
I am keeping the girls off limits because there is only one in my (real) life. Among the guys, there are some really nicely built guys on CAM4. I’m always on the lookout for new gym buddies. Deepblacktoy‘s body is out of control… I would love to get some workout tips from him.



15. Do you have any plans to introduce guests to your shows?
No plans. Ideas roll around it my head sometimes, but…I’m just too shy.

16. When is your favourite time to broadcast?
Anytime I have the house to myself. I don’t have to worry about interruptions and can put audio on and make some noise as I stroke and blow 😉 That, and when I get to my local pub early and hide in the corner and sneak for a half hour or so – I can’t do much in those situations, but being sneaky like that is fun.

17. What can viewers expect from your show?
Viewers can expect a friendly, hot guy who will treat them well. And when the clothes come off, they’ll get a nicely muscled and hairy bod, a nice round ass (‘bubblebutt’ is the correct term, I believe!), a very nice hard dick… then a LOT of pre-cum.


Want to find out when this hunky bear will be on cam? Make sure to check out Matey79’s CAM4 page, and follow him on Twitter!




Snapchat: Cam4gay
Twitter: @cam4_gay
Instagram: @cam4gay



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