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What Makes You Happy on #BlueMonday?

What Makes You Happy on #BlueMonday?

Monday, January 15th is Blue Monday – claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. Why is it called Blue Monday, and why is it today? It might be because the weather is gloomy, your debt levels are probably rising, and you might not have much motivation to keep up with your New Years resolutions.

Any day can be depressing for anyone, but we at CAM4 want to brighten up your day and give you a reason to shine on Blue Monday!

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Obviously eating healthy, hitting the squat rack, and of course, masturbation are linked to a happier lifestyle, what gets YOU going?! Is it a place, some food, an empty ball sack or a sexy performer on CAM4?  LET US KNOW!

Share with us your happy thoughts on Twitter and tell us what makes you happy! (make sure to send us pics of how happy you really are 😉) We want to make you and our amazing performers and viewers feel like we got 2018 by the BLUE BALLS!

So today, relax, watch your favourite CAM4 performers, and share the love on this Blue Monday!

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