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Tip Of The Day: ‘Private Shows’ can earn you up to $500

Tip Of The Day: ‘Private Shows’ can earn you up to $500

Want a more personal interaction? Don’t forget to remind your viewers that they can take you for a private show! This will give you a chance to get more intimate and make the viewer feel special.

Private Shows

This is a full 1 on 1 experience where fans get you all to themselves and live out their fantasies. We recommend doing private shows either before or after your public show – this way you can give the viewer your full attention and time, without upsetting fans who are viewing your public show. No one likes to feel neglected.


Private Show Tips

  • When you are accepting private shows, change the scenery by either moving to a different room, turning on different colored lights or simply changing your cam angle. This will let your fans know it is private time and may entice more fans to take you private.
  • Have specific costumes, toys, and roll play scenarios that you do only when in a private show with your fans. Sexy show exclusives will heighten the excitement and pleasure for both of you.
  • Cam2Cam is a private show exclusive feature where you get to see and hear your fan in real time. This makes it so much easier for the both of you to communicate your desires during your show. (Don’t worry, spies are not able to hear anything in a private show and they can only see the performer)
  • If your fan wants to get more personal in the private show, call them by a name they choose. You can even record the show and send it as a gift by uploading the video to your Google Drive and sending the URL link in a private message. Even better, send the video as a surprise 😉




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