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CAM 4 Performer Interview: EthanYoungxxx

CAM 4 Performer Interview: EthanYoungxxx

EthanYoungxxx is one of the newest additions to the CAM4 community, and as we do with everyone; we are welcoming him with open arms. He is testing the waters as he starts his journey into the adult industry.  We had the chance to talk with EthanYoungxxx to see what his goals are and what he likes.

WES: Tell us a bit about yourself. What made you decide that you wanted to get into this industry?

ETHAN: I’ve always had a special appreciation for the male physique and a passion for showing off my own body. I can remember staring for hours at the hot male models on underwear packages in the stores, and I made it my goal to be like them and be able to flaunt my package and goods in my own tight pair of briefs. As a former athlete and lover of fitness, I want men to be able to enjoy my body and have similar feelings and pleasures that I did as a high school boy.

WES: Is there a specific model/porn star that you aspire to be like, and why?

ETHAN: Billy Santoro easily. He has been such a role model and mentor to me over the past few months.  His versatility and ability to literally “nail” any character he plays is both impressive and admirable. I mean come on… have you heard that man moan and his facial expressions when he takes a cock… the dude is the gold standard when it comes to gay porn.


WES: Have you ever filmed yourself doing something sexual? (jerking off, blowjob, sex etc)

ETHAN: I’ve done a little filming riding my dildos or butt plugs and I once took a selfie video of me getting eaten out by a fuck bud.


WES: How often do you jerk off?

ETHAN: That’s a tough one…. Probably 2 times a day, but on weekends I can get up to 4 or 5 loads.

WES: How big is your dick?

ETHAN: 6’ cut – proud of my Jewish salami.


WES: Do you consider yourself a jock, which sports do you play?

ETHAN: FUCK YEAH! I am a total masc jock.  I play water polo, swimming, and flag football.

WES: Has there been any locker room jerk off sessions? If not, is that a fantasy of yours?

ETHAN: Yes, many actually… especially in those steam rooms and saunas. Once I got eaten out in a steam room as my ass sweat dripped all over the dudes body.

WES: What are some of your fetishes?

ETHAN: Well number 1, first and foremost I love underwear.  Specifically briefs or jockstraps.  I also enjoy locker room roll play, armpits (love to bury my face in them), and I’m a sucker for some water sports when feeling super kinky.


WES: What are some of your goals when it comes to being a performer?

ETHAN: To bring in loyal and fun viewers, make money, and gain a strong reputation as the “Underwear Performer” or “Juicy Booty Jock” JBJ.  lol


WES: Tell us about your worst sexual encounter

ETHAN: A dude who was uncomfortable with being gay… overall terrible experience. Didn’t kiss, didn’t suck dick, and didn’t let me eat his ass…. Just wanted his dick sucked. A straight dude would have been more fun.

WES: When you cum, are you a shooter?

ETHAN: Depends on the position.

WES: How do you think camming will affect your dating life?

ETHAN: I have a solid partner so I am not concerned at all. He fully supports me.

WES: What made you decide to be discreet and do you think you will ever fully show yourself?

ETHAN: I am easing into this, so I want to remain discreet for now. If my career lifts off, I am more than happy to show some face.


WES: As a new cam performer, is there anything you look forward to doing while on cam?

ETHAN: I definitely look forward to just getting that feedback and live reactions to what I’m doing with my body. I cant wait to ride a dildo live for my fans.



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