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CAM4 Performer Interview With: Xavier Sibley

CAM4 Performer Interview With: Xavier Sibley

Xavier Sibley started out as a international gay porn star. He has been on several gay porn sites and loves every minute of it. He took a break from camming for a bit, and now he’s back and ready to show you what you’ve been missing! Read below what this porn star, turned webcam model has to say.

WES: Tell us about yourself, how did you get started in the industry?

XAVIER: My name is Xavier Sibley, I’m a porn actor and webcam performer.  Originally from France (but currently living now in Spain), I started doing porn in 2014 after being contacted by a French Production company. I did my first shoot for fun and I totally loved the experience.


WES: What made you decide to start camming?

XAVIER: I actually started camming after I met Kris Blent during a porn shoot. He told me how much fun it was to broadcast live, so I decide to creat my own account and try it out. My first show was so cool and people were really nice, so I decided to continue…

WES: What was it like being a porn star and a web cam performer?

XAVIER: I’m the kind of guy who likes having sex, and being watched during sex.  It really excites me! I love doing porn and broadcasting, because I know people are watching and I get turned on knowing they enjoy it.


WES: What was your experience on cam like?

XAVIER: Just perfect, it’s so amazing to have a platform where I can talk with my fans and share my naughty moments live with all of them. It’s also great meeting new people who have never heard of me before.


WES: You’ve done porn. What’s the difference between filming on a set, and doing a live show?

XAVIER: During a live show I can do whatever I want, I don’t have any obligations that I would on set.  I am free when I am on CAM4.

WES: Do you have any crazy fan stories?

XAVIER: I think the most crazy fan story that I have, is that there’s a fan who sends me lots tons of gifts on my birthday and during Christmas.  The CAM4 fans are fantastic and have the best community vibe.


WES: What do you enjoy about doing porn?

XAVIER: To be honest I was always fascinated by the porn industry and I’m the kind of guy who really likes sex. What I love the most about doing porn, is that I get to travel and meet new people from all over.

WES: What was it like when you first started out, did you get nervous that friends and family would discover you?

XAVIER: I was a little nervous, Yes.  I soon got very comfortable and really enjoy everything I do!  To be honest, it’s not a secret anymore.  Most of my friends and family know now and are okay with it.


WES: What do you think is your best physical feature

XAVIER: The two things people compliment me the most on, are my eyes and my dick. 😉


WES: What turns you on the most?

XAVIER: The thing that turns me on the most is being rimmed even though I’m a top!


WES: How long do you go without masturbating before filming a scene.

XAVIER: To be honest with you, I’m not the kind of guy to go without masturbating a few days before a scene. No matter what, when I cum, there will be a lot!



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