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Gabriel Phoenix talks about his first time on CAM4

Gabriel Phoenix talks about his first time on CAM4

Gabriel Phoenix is a fresh new face in the porn industry, and he’s on the fast track to becoming a household name. This month, performer jeffcanuckx invited him onto one of his live shows and they KILLED it! We were lucky enough to sit down with him and get his thoughts about his show !

WES: Tell us about yourself

GABRIEL: Well, I’m Gabriel Phoenix, From east London! I’m soon to be 28 despite my boyish appearance and I’m a sporty geek! Currently, among other things, filming porn and modelling! Ah and I’m Prowler’s best British newcomer in the porn world!

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 9.58.39 AM
WES: What made you decide to do the show with Jeff?

GABRIEL: I’ve known Jeff for a while now and haven’t had the opportunity to work with him. So naturally, when the opportunity arose I jumped at the chance, knowing It would be a lovely experience as Jeff is a great, laid back guy!

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WES:Have you ever cammed before?

GABRIEL: Ha! I’ve only cammed privately, so this was my public cam debut! And I couldn’t be happier with it.

WES:What was your experience on cam like?
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GABRIEL: It was great! The interaction and feedback was amazing! As was Jeff who took great care of me and showed me the ropes! I found it very relaxing and sexy.

WES:You’ve done porn. What’s the difference between filming on a set, and doing a live show?

GABRIEL: Well filming on a set is usually done in stages. Your performance is broken, live shows tend to be a full performance and you are able to judge a sense of what you are doing by the audience’s reactions! This makes live shows much more personal as you gain a connection with the fans. Porn can create a barrier between fans and performers that I think should be breached as its the viewers who empower us.


WES: What did you think of the interaction with the viewers?

GABRIEL: I live for the interaction and feedback from viewers and fans alike. It’s how we know we are doing well and still relevant in this industry! CAM4 viewers were amazing, we had a good mix of banter, sexy talk and general inquisitive viewers! I absolutely adored being able to interact with them all.

WES:Did you enjoy it?

GABRIEL: Ha! I think it’s evident that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! I’m glad to have done this so I can relate to cam models and the way this side of the industry works!

WES: Would you go on cam again?

GABRIEL: Hell yeah! Of course, only if there was a call for me! I’d gladly get back behind the cam and see new and interesting ways that I can adapt and evolve my performance to entice and please the viewers

WES: Would you think about joining CAM4?

GABRIEL: I think cam 4 would be great to join! I’ve only heard good things and it seems like a great platform through which to express individuality and sexuality! I can see it as a great way to build a rapport with regular fans.

WES: What would you like to say to your fans ?

GABRIEL: As usual just a huge thank you for the support and for putting up with me! Ha! I’ll keep doing sexy things for as long as you keep demanding them! We couldn’t do what we do without you so continue to watch this space xxx

You can follow him here!

Twitter: @xGabrielPhoenix
Instagram: thegabrielphoenix


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