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CAM4 Performer Interview With: HeyChrist1ian

CAM4 Performer Interview With: HeyChrist1ian

Christian is such a cutie! He use to cam back in 2014, and now he’s back and ready show his viewers what they have been missing! Man have we been missing out! With Christians dark features, he can mesmerize anyone who looks at him. He also has an awesome owl tattoo across his chest that define his pecs.

Christian is originally from the states but he now resides in Guadalajara, Jalisco and he’s loving it. He moved out there to play guitar for a singer…maybe he’ll play for us on cam one day!


If you’ve tuned into his shows , then you’ll already know about the breathtaking views behind him…unless you’re like us and are too distracted by his naked body to concentrate on anything else. He was nice enough to let Wes Myers interview him, so that you can get to know him better.

WES: At what age did you realize you were a Voyeur, and how did you explore these fantasies?

CHRISTIAN:  Cams always interested me more than porn because of the interaction between the cammer and the viewer.  I liked this type of porn even when I was younger.

WES: How long have you been performing on CAM4?

CHRISTIAN:   I started camming in May of 2014! This is a new account, however, don’t let the year of the account creation fool you!


WES: How big is your dick?

CHRISTIAN:  Roughly 7′ when fully erect!


WES: When did you start masturbating?

CHRISTIAN:   Eh, very early on.

WES: What made you want to become a cam model?

CHRISTIAN:  Was just curious to see if I could make money doing it, and after making a decent amount I became addicted!

WES: How has performing on cam affected your personal life?

CHRISTIAN:    Camming hasn’t affected my personal life too much, but that’s probably because I haven’t taken camming too seriously, but I am about to start!

WES: What excited you about broadcasting live?

CHRISTIAN:  What excites me the most about camming is being able to please all my fans the way I was pleased when I was a viewer, but also get paid for it!


WES: Do you think it would be hard to find a partner that would be okay with you being a webcam model?

CHRISTIAN:   It hasn’t been too hard, the partner I was with when I started camming was a little iffy at first; however, she warmed up to the idea of it. All others have been perfectly ok with it, and even joined in sometimes 😉

WES: Do your friends and family know? If so, how did they react?

CHRISTIAN:   All my friends and almost all my family know, they were shocked at first, and some didn’t believe me, but they’ve been pretty supportive in my ventures!

WES: Do you ever get stopped in public because someone recognizes you?

CHRISTIAN:  Have not yet, but maybe one day ;D

WES: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

CHRISTIAN:  My fans and the people I interact with are probably what I enjoy most about camming. I have met some incredible people who have helped and supported me since day one, and I appreciate everything they do!

WES: What’s some advice you would give someone who is thinking about becoming a cam model?

CHRISTIAN:  Well if someone is going to be a cam model I would tell them that they have to be very open-minded and comfortable with themselves, but more important than that is that this is a VERY customer oriented job, you have to be attentive to every viewer in the room.

WES: What do you like about CAM4 ?

CHRISTIAN:  I like the fact that they allow someone to work whenever they want and run the shows how the cammer wants to run them, the support is also great and is always available to help!


WES: Tell me about some of the experiences you’ve had with viewers

CHRISTIAN:  My viewers are usually awesome, they’re very supportive, and I have made a lot of good friends. Even when I get on just to chat and not do a show they’ll still come and and talk with me!

WES:  Is performing a long term plan for you, or you just doing it for quick cash?

CHRISTIAN:  A little bit of both, I started doing it for cash, but it soon became a regular occasion, and somewhat of a lifestyle. I do plan on taking it more seriously though!

WES:  What do you hope to get out of performing?

CHRISTIAN:  I just like the satisfaction of pleasing my fans, they’ve been very supportive of me, and I want to do the same for them. If I can make someones day, either by just chatting, or showing my cock, then I’ve gotten all I’ve needed!

WES: So we know you’re straight. Has being on cam and broadcasting for other men made you more open to the idea of experimenting with guys?

CHRISTIAN:  Camming hasn’t made me more open to the idea of experimenting with other men, I’m comfortable enough with who I am to know that I’m straight. It doesn’t bother me preforming for other men though; it doesn’t change my sexual preference. All my fans are aware and are very understanding of this!

WES:  What’s your favourite sexual position?

CHRISTIAN: Doggy Style

WES: What do you think is your best physical feature?

CHRISTIAN: Hmm, either my cock or my smile!


WES: How many times a day do you jerk off?

CHRISTIAN: Depends on the day, but usually 3-5

WES: Do you only jerk off on cam or do you do it on your personal time too?

CHRISTIAN: Definitely not only on cam, usually a few times after a show!

WES: When do you normally feel the need to masturbate, is it when you wake up or before bed?

CHRISTIAN: I always feel the need, haha.

WES: What is a fetish that you have that no-one knows about?

CHRISTIAN: Just recently found out that I’m into BDSM and being called daddy 😉

WES: Where’s the craziest place you had sex?

CHRISTIAN: Under the bleachers on the football field on the last day of high school, during school hours mind you 😉

WES: What’s a fantasy that you have, that you haven’t done yet?

CHRISTIAN: I’ve always wanted to be with a cougar/milf, maybe someday!

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Instagram: @cam4christian


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