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CAM4 Performer Interview with: BigDickJinx

CAM4 Performer Interview with: BigDickJinx

BigDickJinx is a performer that aims to please his fans and always make sure that his tippers get what they deserve! His name should be HUGE Dick Jinx, because his cock is massive and he definitely knows how to use it. Read below to get some insight into the man behind the dick

Start off by introducing yourself…

Hello, I am the one and only JINX :) I am a proud owner of a HUGE cock..I’m 36, a father of 7 with a 8th on the way. I have been camming for almost 5 years and love it. My friends are the Web Cam community. I have lots of Tattoos..Tan..Brown eyes..Dark Brown hair..Strong hands..Creative “I paint on cam sometimes” I also like to rap every now and then for laughs.. I don’t judge and EVERYONE is welcome in my room but respect my peeps and have fun :) My room is a very chill room to just chillax in and have some fun if you are capable of tipping. I take care of my family via camming so all tips are appreciated :)


WES: At what age did you realize you were a Voyeur, and how did you explore these fantasies?

JINX: “31 Years old, I went to the strip club one night and left with a stripper tiny little red head 😉 We had the hottest..dirtiest..nastiest sex I ever had in my life and I LOVE whores so that tells  you something 😀 She said we should web cam so we did and here it is 4 1/2 years later still going strong!!! I do however mostly just do solo shows now because she is ALWAYS pregnant because i can’t keep my HUGE cock out of her filthy little snatch!!! All she has to do is show me her amazing feet and BOOM she gets whatever she wants 😉 She does have a beautiful asshole also she can shake in my face to get what she want’s whenever she want’s. Nothing like a pretty asshole and cute feet in my face :D”

WES: How big is your dick?


JINX: “This is a tough question BECAUSE my cock gets bigger according to how hot the situation is. If I am just playing with myself I get around 9 inches but if you put a pretty asshole..cute feet..or some new pussy in my proximity i just might get to 10 inches :) I swear one time I felt like my snatch smasher would never come out of this sluts pussy and when it finally did it made a thud as it thumped with it’s heaviness and bulging veins onto the bed, I came buckets in that delicious trailor park pink panther trashy cum dumpster ;)”

WES: How long have you been performing on CAM4?

JINX: “I have been on CAM4 for almost 5 years :) Wish I would have found it sooner!!!”

WES: When did you start masturbating?

JINX: “Well I’m a seasoned professional I started masturbating to the squiggly lines on the Spice channel back in the 80’s lmaooo. The first time I busted a nut was just amazing :)”

WES: What made you want to become a cam model?

JINX: “My woman made me do it..The first time I saw thousands of people in the room I swear my cock packed it’s bags and jumped off my body lol.  I couldn’t get hard for the life of me. But then I said fuck that I’m a showman 😉 and knocked the pussy out like a Heavyweight Champ..I go 12 rounds if need be and more if you can take it :D. No 2 pump chump in this stud!!”


WES: How has performing on cam affected your personal life?

JINX: “It has taught me to deal with every person on this earth as an individual..I have made friends in literally every country with internet.”

WES: What excited you about broadcasting live?

JINX: “Knowing that there are women watching me plow my monster into my woman..I also LOVE making new friends all across the globe :).”


WES: Was it hard finding a partner that was okay with you being a webcam model?

JINX: ” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA My woman whored me out to the world soooooooooo negative on that one captain :D.”

WES: Do your friends and family know? If so, how did they react?

JINX: “They sure do and guess what? It’s my life..My body..My world so if they don’t like it fuck em!!!”

WES: Do you ever get stopped in public because someone recognizes you?

JINX:  “Believe it or not yes i have many many times..It’s ok to say hello but don’t talk nasty shit i might poke you in your eyeball lol”

WES: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

JINX: “Thank you for the amazing support over the years without you guys I couldn’t take care of 7 kids..Yes you read that right 7 kids with a 8th on the way <3 I am not the birth father of all of them but their real father is just a chuckie cheese dad.  I am their father in my eyes!!!”

WES: What’s some advice you would give someone who is thinking about becoming a cam model?

JINX: “Be preppared to invest ALOT of time building your room..Multitasking is essential..Learn to deal with everyone on a individual basis..Throw everything you know out the window about humans because after camming, you SHOULD see the world in a whole new view..Let it consume you without devouring you!!! Remember that YOUR room is YOUR room people come in for YOU, it doesn’t matter how Big or Small..Tall or Short..Your fan’s love you!!!”

WES: What do you like about CAM4

JINX: “The visitors on CAM4 are in my opinion some of the nicest people I have ever met. I love how CAM4  is classy in it’s own respect lol. The environment here admires classy models..They show it in their generous tips :) ”

WES: Tell me about some of the experiences you’ve had with viewers?

JINX: “The list is to long to define..literally..But i have amazing followers and wouldn’t trade them for cute feet :)”

WES: Is performing a long term plan for you, or are you doing it for quick cash?

JINX: “I have supported my family for 5 years doing this so you could say it’s my current career. I am however looking to find work in the industry that doesn’t just involve camming. I know the inside and out of the Web Cam world. I have 20,000+ hours on cam!!!! I have also managed to last 5 years in a female dominant industry as a male.  I credit that to adapting to change and evolving as a model. I am kinda like a Bartender/Therapist/Friend that also does sexy stuff. I have slowed down since i first started but i have earned the ability to be able to sit and be blessed by followers.”

WES: What do you get out of performing?

JINX: ” I feel as tho I have reached the top of the mountain and now I watch the web cam world grow. I have obtained lots of personal improvements via camming because I don’t just talk, I listen.”

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