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XBIZ Webcam Awards – Miami

XBIZ Webcam Awards – Miami

Last week was the first time that XBIZ put on an awards show specifically for people in the webcam community, and it would be stupid to say that it was anything but a success. Models were coming in from all over the world, and they were taking any form of transportation they could to get there.

It all wouldn’t have been possible without  Leah Mahi, Moe Helmy, Alejandro, and Tony who are the organizers of all things XBIZ. These four made sure that everyone who attended had everything that they needed, and if they didn’t; one of them would make sure that changed. So I would like to start off by thanking them for everything that they  did, and thank you for giving the webcam community, a place to be themselves.


It was hot in Miami, but not just because of the sun. Everywhere I looked, there was a hot guy showing off his six pack abs and bulging biceps. The best part about it though; was that everyone was extremely nice and just looking to network.


CAM4 was the official poolside sponsor. We had inflatable balloons, blow up volleyballs, inflatable flamingos, and more! Every day the pool was surrounded by Cam Models just looking to have a good time. I had the pleasure of getting a front row seat at one of the hottest events there….The mankind contest, the photo below speak for themselves.

As good as these performers looked with their clothes off, they look just as good when it was time to dress up for the nightly events.

Theo, Wes, JD, and Thiago Thiago and JD

Throughout the awards, Wes Myers interviewed a numbers of guys to find out their guilty pleasures, dirty secrets, AND their masturbating habits. So stay tuned to see what these hot boys had to say

IMG_2659 2 IMG_2663 CgUgOhhR Am5OY1EY
Although CAM4 didn’t win Best Cam Site – Gay, we are still very proud that we were even nominated and it was a honour to be invited to the awards. CAM4’s very own Wes Myers and Nikki Night looked amazing presenting the final two awards of the night

I would like to end by saying that even though there were several cam sites at this event, everyone attending was supportive of another and their craft. It didn’t matter if they were a competitor, they were there to show their support. I think that’s a very important attitude to have while being apart of this big family. It was a great experience and I hope to see everyone back again next year!

Check out or social media links to see some other highlights from the event

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Instagram: @cam4gay

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  1. Ken-Munro says:

    Congrats to everyone who not only won an award but made even made it to the XBIZ-Miami Awards.

    It looks like it was a blast.
    Catch you there next time 😉


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