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Wes goes behind the scenes with xdeanmachine

Wes goes behind the scenes with xdeanmachine

On Tuesday May 2nd, 2017; I had the pleasure of going behind the scenes with one of our new performers, to give you exclusive footage from his show. xdeanmachine might intimidate you with his beard, but he’s just a sweet Irish lad looking to have some fun and get naughty.

Dean was kind of nervous for his first performance, and it was actually kind of cute. As soon as I turned on the camera, it was like he was a different person. I didn’t even have to tell him how to pose or what to do in front of the camera; he was a natural

To get ready for his show, Dean always likes to shower. Feeling fresh before a show makes him feel good, especially since he knows he’s about to get down and dirty

After the shower, Dean was feeling nice and clean! We went through what needs to be done before he went live. I walked him through the logging in process, and how to activate the roll the dice game. It’s all very simple, and any performer can find that information on our Performer Training page.

When we finished getting him set up, Dean was ready to go! I left the room while he got “in the zone”, but I was able to snap a little sneak peek for you

Once he was finished doing his thing, we were ready to go live! Dean had a black leather couch set up to make it look like the beginning of a porn when the porn stars are on the “casting couch”. His goal with this, was to make the viewers feel like they are watching a live porn taping session, rather than just another cam show of a dude jerking off.

As soon as we went live, his room started to fill up instantly. It’s not every day you see a guy with a beard like this, stroking his cock online. I’m sure that’s what intrigued most people to enter his room…well that and his big dick

After his explosive show, I sat down with him and asked him some questions. Read the interview bellow:

1. WES: Tell us about yourself

DEAN: ” My name is xdeanmachine, I’m 20 years old. I’m male dancer in Toronto, I like to strip, have some fu, get naughty. You know, all the fun stuff

2. WES: How did your first show go?

DEAN: ‘My first show went amazing. Little nerve wracking but it was good”

3. WES: What was it like having Wes with you ? Did you like the one on one coaching?

DEAN: “It was awesome. He really helped me, and showed me how to work the website properly.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.11.20 PM
4. WES: Do you think other performers would benefit from something like this?

DEAN: “I loved the coaching. I like the fact that is was one on one. Him giving me little pointers here and there, really helped. So yes I believe other performers would benefit from it.”

5. WES: How big Is your dick?

DEAN: “I would say about 8…8.5

6. WES: What would you say is your best physical feature?

DEAN: “ Fuck…uhhh probably my beard, most people like my beard. Most people can’t grow a beard, and my beard game is
coming on strong

7. WES: When did you start masterbating?

DEAN: “Umm it was probably back when I was maybe twelve, I remember I found my dads Hustler magazine or it was either hustler or playboy. I just had the feeling of masterbating, the first time I came I was terrified….TERRIFIED! Like (hands up) what the fuck, what is this stuff coming out of me. I did it a couple more times and fuck, now I can’t go a day without masterbating and cumming all over the place

8. WES: What made you decide to become a cam performer 

DEAN: Something new….Something new. I like to try different things, different excitements. I just wanted to try something new and see how it is and actually it’s awesome I’m loving it”

9. WES: What excited you about broadcasting live?

DEAN: “Honestly it’s just the excitement that anything can happen, like for instance lets say I bust and it gets all over the computer or something. Anything can happen, it’s not set in stone what’s gonna happen. You meet different people, it’s good; I like it

10. WES: Would you ever do porn?

DEAN: ” Of course! Is that even a question…of course!…Should I do porn?

11. WES: Where can people find you if they want to get in contact with you?

DEAN: My twitter is @DeanMachineXXX, they can find me on that. I’m slowly going to start making an Instagram and snapchat. Right now twitter is the place to be, you’ll get later updates after that on where to find me.

It was great getting up close and personal with Dean, and I feel that he really did put on a great show. I was super impressed with the way he interacted, and talked dirty to the viewers; and this is just his first show! I can’t wait to see what he does with future performances! If you agree, don’t hesitate to add him as a friend, favourite him, and subscribe to his show here cam4.com/xdeanmachine

Twitter: @cam4_gay
Instagram: @cam4gay




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