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Billy Santoro and Josh Moore have sex for the FIRST TIME! Live On CAM4


Billy Santoro – If you watch porn, then you MUST know his name. He recently started camming with us, and he is KILLING IT! His room is always filled with over 200 people, and he takes the time to talk to every single one of them.  We are so happy to have him join the Cam4 Gay family, and we have some news for you!

Billy will be doing a live duo show with fellow porn star Josh Moore ! There’s one thing that pops up when you search this guys name…..it’s okay, I’ll wait………I know, it’s impressive right!? Just imagine that going deep inside Billy’s ass, or see it for yourself; LIVE on CAM4

The show will take place on Wednesday, May 24th at 8pm (EST) ; they will be having sex for the first time LIVE, and you get to see it on CAM4 first

If you want to see more of Billy Santoro before the show


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