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The Effects Of Space On Your Penis

The Effects Of Space On Your Penis

Have you ever thought how space would affect your penis? Well we did and the short answer is poorly.

This is an unexplored frontier because the government pays for space travel and they have better things to do than to study astronaut boners. What we do know is that blood pressure is lower in space because of the lack of gravity. So that drives blood toward your head and chest, not your extremities. We all know that the penis needs blood to do its thing.

Another issue is fluid shift, which is a problem in space. Fluid shift increases pressure on the brain; in return that knocks your body all out of whack. It’s like flipping a table over with a bunch of stuff on it; it becomes a mess like the inside of your body.

One day more people will be going to space and those people will want to have sex. So when NASA is screening future astronauts, they should probably check for a good attitude about foreplay, because it’s going to be necessary.


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