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A CAM4 Must See Frencboy97

A CAM4 Must See Frencboy97

I am frencboy97, a 19 year old who lives in France near Germany. I work lots saving my money to become a sports trainer next year. I have 2 cats, love music, films, and TV shows. My favorite TV shows are The Walking Dead, Stargate (more Atlantis than the two others), and video games. I have a Youtube channel (in French) that I started some months ago, its a gaming channel, it is for games I love. The God of War series I have finished at least 6 games. Another favorite of mine is Dead Island. Check out his wishlist’s on his profile. Buy him something and make him happy.

What do you sleep in?

Sometimes I sleep in boxers. In the summer when it’s too hot I sleep naked.006

How often do you jack off?

Sometimes I do not jack off. I can cum twice a day but usually it is only once a day.

Have you ever been in love?

Sadly I have not. I have lost weight and began lifting weights to have more muscle. I hope in the future to find a guy that accepts me.

Why did you decide to start camming?

I have been wanting to cam but I lost some weight and got in shape and when I turned 18 I started camming.004

What do you get asked to do on cam the most?

People want to see my ass. I love my ass and find it very beautiful.

When dating do you tell people about you camming?

No one knows I do cam shows. The only people that know are my viewers.

When having sex what is your favorite thing to do?

I have not had a lot of sexual experiences. I have only been with 2 guys. But I love playing with my body on CAM4.


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