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Get To Know Chileanc

Get To Know Chileanc

I go by Chileanc on CAM4. I’m 21 and I love showing myself, it gets me really horny. I’m from Chile and currently at university; I enjoy music, photography and spending time on cam. I never saw camming as a job but lately I’ve been researching on CAM4 payment methods and I’m interested in making some money out of it, but it’s not a priority, I mainly do it because it’s hot.

When you see a guy what do you look at first?

It depends on what they’re showing, I’m really into big dicks and big/hairy butts, so maybe that’s what I look at first, but I also enjoy muscles and chubby guys, so if their bodies are there, I’m probably looking at that.

What’s one thing about you that we wouldn’t know just from watching your shows?

I’m really shy, like really shy, but of course that doesn’t show when my dick and hole are out.Foto el 22-11-16 a las 10.31 #2

Introduce us to your favourite sex toy for cam shows, is it the same off-cam?

I’m not really into toys; I prefer my hands and fingers to give myself some pleasure.

People have a lot of assumptions about camming, what’s one myth that you’ve found to be totally wrong?

That we cam guys/girls, have to do everything the public wants, it’s not like that, there are things we like and things we don’t.

What was the one moment on CAM4 that you really knew camming was the right thing for you?

Once I was the 3rd trending camera on CAM4 Gay, and I felt good, I love to show myself and if people like it, then I’m happy.

What’s the hottest thing someone has said to you via CAM4 chat?

I always love when guys start talking about my hairy hole, I really love hairy guys and I’m kinda hairy too.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on CAM4?

Once I saw a guy who had split his dick in two, it was shocking.

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