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Colombian Stud Actmcy

Colombian Stud Actmcy

My new CAM4 crush is Actmcy. A sexy 26 year old from Colombia. He describes himself as always being himself no matter what he is doing. He is sexually open and finds it good to experience new things.

How is the gay community in Colombia?

The gay community here is very open even though I am new to the country. I am originally from Venezuela. The gay community is treated very well in Colombia.IMG_20160423_191645

What famous person would you like to have sex with?

There are so many beautiful Colombian actresses. But if I had to pick I would pick Maluma, a Colombian singer.

What types of music do you like listening to?

I love electronic music (EDM)

If we were hanging out with you on the weekend what would we do?

If we were face to face there are many things we could do. It would be a hot encounter.

How important are looks when dating someone?

When I am dating someone I give them the attention and respect they deserve.

What has been your best vacation place?

My best vacation spot would be the Venezuelan beaches.PhotoGrid_1467572460744

If you were in a bad mood how would you like to be cheered up?

To cheer me up a good cake or some good sex would cheer me up.

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