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Brazilian Stud Ferrazandre

Brazilian Stud Ferrazandre

Ferrazandre is a 26 year old from Brazil. He says he is completely different from everything that he appears to be. He loves sarcasm and he lives in the world of the moon and he possesses powers in his imaginary universe. Life is eternal and everything has the same value he says. Sex for him is an excellent tool for connecting souls.

What’s the best gift a fan has given you?

What I liked the most is not of financial value; it was a painting made of my hand painted by a fan.andre6

What are some of your hobbies you enjoy in your free time?

I enjoy rollerblading, riding motorcycles, and being with animals. I love animals; I usually get along better with them than with people.

What are your favorite fetish requests?

Some of my fetish requests are cussing, spitting, and pissing.

What’s the most bizarre request you’ve received on CAM4?

Onetime I was asked to harm a person. Of course I said no.boy

What is one way that camming has positively influenced your life?

I can deal with people better today. I have learned to respect differences and I have a considerable circle of people who praise and strengthen me daily.

Which CAM4 performer would you like to meet in person?

I would like to meet Iza Vampira.

Do you have any plans to bring a special guest onto your shows?

Yes, I have a Romanian friend who does Brazilian porn.

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This hottie’s sexy shows are a must, so subscribe to his shows on CAM4 and follow him on Twitter @eusacanaa 




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