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How to Make your viewers See What You Want Them to See

How to Make your viewers See What You Want Them to See

You are in full control of what your viewers see in your Cam4 show and there are certainly ways to soften or eliminate traits you find undesirable.

Lighting and camera angling are magical in this effort.

Just as strip clubs of the past used black lights to soften bodily imperfections, you can do the same in the comfort of your personal cam studio. You can get away with a lot more on cam than you could in “real life”.

You can manipulate your environment in a similar way to detract from your body parts you dont like.


The possibilities are endless with costuming.

Another thing you should know is that “point of view” (POV) porn is huge!

There are a slew of viewers who are not interested in a face anyway and prefer extreme close ups of body parts. It ranges from the routine vaginal insertion stuff to more fetishized POV like toes and even arm hair.

Make sure that your camera and lighting accommodate getting up close and personal, including a zoom option. You could even cut your head entirely out of your stream. You wouldn’t be the first cam girl to do so.

And remember – you are not just the star of the show, but also the director. You have the freedom to present yourself however you wish while making money.

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