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OhMiBod, Enhanced Tipping Now on CAM4!

OhMiBod, Enhanced Tipping Now on CAM4!

OhMiBod users are in for a treat, and non-OhMiBod users are about to buy their first toy! We’re adding tipping sounds for all CAM4 users. Now, you will hear a unique sound based on the size of tips. For example, a tip under 5 tokens will make a quick two-beep sound, whereas a 250+ token tip will make a wild slot machine sound.

Having a variety of different tipping sounds was a request from our CAM4 community, so thank you to everyone who shared your feedback! We hope you like the new sounds. Please leave a comment with your thoughts 😀

But what does this have to do with OhMiBod? Mmmm…

What is OhMiBod?
OhMiBod are sex toys that are triggered by sounds. And on CAM4, every tip you receive during a live show happens to make a sound. You see where this is going 😉

How does This Improve OhMiBod?
Viewers have more control over the sensation they give to the performer. You can tease her with quick 5 token tips to lead up to the bigger tips (with stronger vibrations). Or surprise her with a wild 250 token tip to send her OhMiBod into a frenzy.

If you’re not an OhMiBod user, these new tipping sounds are a great way to instantly know what tips you’re making so you can thank everyone accordingly. For example, if you’re offering flashes for a certain tip amount, you’ll know when to flash without having to check your computer screen.

To give CAM4 feedback, please share your ideas or concerns with @cam4feedback on Twitter or via email to feedback@cam4.com.

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