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Growing Your Shows – Snapchat vs Periscope: Part 2

Growing Your Shows – Snapchat vs Periscope: Part 2

Snapchat and Periscope: Social Media That Can Boost Your Shows

Part Two – Periscope (for part one click here)

Periscope is quite simply a game changer! Getting very popular in the UK it’s already huge in the US and across other European countries.

Quite simply, Periscope allows you to stream live from your mobile phone and anyone using the app can access your “scope” and hear you and write comments to you. You can sign in with your Twitter account and automatically promote your scope with twitter through the app.

The best feature is the live map. You can access the entire globe and see how many people are Scoping live form any location and then scroll though and see if any of the scope titles take your fancy (hence your scope title is really important for attracting viewers – keep them interesting but clean).

Companies are increasingly using Perscoping in their internal meetings for public input into their development – Yahoo do this in their editorial meetings.


This is an amazing app – but you have to use it wisely. Periscope are pretty hot on shutting down adult Scopes in a bid to avoid it becoming the next ChatRoulette. So, whilst you can be topless (as a guy) or dressed provocatively, you cannot show explicit videos of yourself – you could try, but you’ll probably get blocked pretty quickly.

Instead try offering a limited view of your show, or a preshow tease/buildup and invite viewers to “see the full thing” over on your CAM4 account.

Both of these platforms, Snapchat and Periscope are great for building a following and promoting your channel – and of course using the referral links you can generate extra revenue per signup should you promote that link over these platforms (click here for details).

Give it a try, let us know what you think! Any questions or suggestions feel free to holla abbey@cam4.com

Happy Scoping & get Snap happy!

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