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Growing your shows – Snapchat vs Periscope: Part 1

Growing your shows – Snapchat vs Periscope: Part 1

Snapchat and Periscope: The social medias that can boost your shows.

Part One – Snapchat

Currently, when we think of social media to boost our channel and get as many (new & existing) viewers as possible, we usually jump to Twitter and Facebook (although the latter can be harder given the content of your shows).

Let us introduce you to the new kids on the block: this week Snapchat and next, Periscope

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Ok, so Snapchat has been around for a while now and goes into surges of popularity and out again, but recently its seen a huge surge in bloggers using it to document their daily lives (a behind the scenes view to their lives) and get a bigger following. Using the Story feature, b/vloggers simply “snap” their day as they go – what they are doing, where they’re going, eating, and little pieces to camera and such like. Viewers follow their snaps and are alerted when there is an update to view, or they can watch their whole story from the start (snaps last 24 hours so there is more of an urgency to actively view and keep up to date on this social media compared to others).

The Kardashians actually produce a full soap opera with their snapchat account, having hundreds of thousands of views on their updates.

The way it can work for your CAM4 account is simple. You can snap your day as you go – these snaps can range from the risqué (you can pretty much snap what you want without limits) to the everyday (what you’re up to, talking out loud about show ideas, costumes etc) let the viewer get to know you! Then, nearer show day/time plug the show and its url and see the response!

You can add text over your picture or video snaps too, so adding your CAM4 address is no problem.

People can find you by searching your snapchat name, so think about this in comparison to your CAM4 account name when setting up, then promote these on other social medias with a “get the latest updates of what I’m doing, see me as it happens! Follow me on SnapChat “SnapChatName”” kind of vibe.

Here’s a simple video guide from @BreakTheInternet which is a great beginners tutorial (spare 10 minutes and get to grips with it) and he has other videos on his channel with further features too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=


We’ll reward you for growing your snapchat!

So how about this… if you grow your snapchat so your story gets 200 views, we’ll give you 200 tokens as a reward!

Simply send us a screen grab of your screen and reap the rewards!

Untitled-3Just go to your Story screen on Snapchat, click the three dots and screen grab and send us your viewer count; it’s a simple as that. Send your images to abbey@cam4.com with all your account details.

Give it a try, let us know what you think! Any questions or suggestions feel free to holla!

Happy Snapping!

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