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CAM4 Mobile Broadcasting: Download C4 Broadcaster!

CAM4 Mobile Broadcasting: Download C4 Broadcaster!

When the mood strikes, you have to follow it. This past month saw a major CAM4 mobile broadcasting improvement, and we’re excited to finally introduce you all to C4 Broadcaster. This app is now available on Android devices and it allows you to broadcast live on CAM4 from anywhere you’ve got cellular service or wifi!

Download the CAM4 Mobile Broadcaster

You can earn tokens, set goals, chat with friends, and do almost anything you can do on your desktop computer. Take your camshows into the wild and enjoy total freedom over your CAM4 broadcasts.


Connect with Wifi, 3G, or 4G networks

Special ranking on CAM4 via the mobile camshow page

Set goals and earn tokens just like the desktop site

Chat with friends

FREE to use

To use C4 Broadcaster all you need to is sign up for a CAM4 account, download the app, and login! Before getting started, you should review Nikki’s guide to making the best outdoor broadcasts including the rules to broadcasting in public or open spaces. Note that to use C4 Broadcaster, it’s required that you broadcast a minimum of one time before.

Download the CAM4 Mobile Broadcaster to your Android device and start a camshow!

To see what the app looks like, let’s take a walk through it! After downloading C4 Broadcaster, you’ll see the icon. Just tap it whenever you’re ready to start a broadcast. You’ll be taken to this screen:


Simply enter your login details and you’ll be taken to your CAM4 mobile broadcast dashboard, which looks like this:


To broadcast with default settings, tap Start Broadcast. To change your settings, click the plus sign and edit things like microphone, flash, or cameras.


Don’t forget to set your goal! C4 Broadcaster allows you to set goals and broadcast just like our desktop site.


You can also follow your chat and reply to your guests.

Download or Find Out More Here

*Supported devices include: Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S4, Tab 4, Tab 3, Note 10.1; HTC One M8; LG G3; Motorola Moto G; Asus Nexus 7

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