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Earn More with the New CAM4 Referral Program

Earn More with the New CAM4 Referral Program

Bring your friends to CAM4 and earn extra cash for each sign-up! We’ve recently launched a Referral Program to help our members earn extra cash simply for getting new viewers. Have you earned 100 tokens? Then join now and start earning!

How does the CAM4 Referral Program work?
Simply share your unique referral program link with your friends (via your personal blog, social media, emails, etc) and you will earn tokens to convert into cash for each time someone signs up to CAM4 from your link.

Where do I get my unique link?
Go to Options in My Account and you will find your unique referral program code. You will need to have earned over 100 tokens to access this. Once you have your code, you have two options:

Option 1. Promote your CAM4 page:
http://www.cam4.com/YOUR USERNAME?referrerId=YOUR REFERRAL CODE

Tweet this when you’re broadcasting or directing viewers to your page. If you want, you can also promote Option 2 the directory pages:

Top: http://www.cam4.com/?referrerId=YOUR REFERRAL CODE

Women: http://www.cam4.com/females?referrerId=YOUR REFERRAL CODE

Men: http://www.cam4.com/males?referrerId=YOUR REFERRAL CODE

How you want to promote CAM4 is your choice, so if you’re not online you can still earn referral program cash by promoting performers who are online!

If you have your own blog or Tumblr type of website, you can use a CAM4 banner with any of the above referral URLs to earn money 24/7. Banners can be found here: cam4.com/banners

Now let’s talk money. How much will you earn?
$2 for each verified sign-up within: USA, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and Switzerland.

$0.2 for each verified sign-up within: Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, and Norway.

$0.02 for each verified sign-up within all other countries.

You will be able to see your earnings immediately in your My Account page on thé Referral Program tab or on the cam4bucks.com earnings report.

Rules and Requirements:
There are very few, which makes the CAM4 Referral Program an efficient and easy way to earn extra cash.

To be éligible for this program you have to have earned a minimum of 100 tokens.

You must also be verified and signes up to cam4bucks.com.

Any fraudulent activity will result in elimination from the Referral Prrogram and possibly the termination of your CAM4 account.

If you need help with links, banners, or you have questions please email performers@cam4.com. We have tips and tricks on how to earn even more money here.

Follow @cam4_gay  on Twitter for 24/7 sexy updates and breaking news!

Join the CAM4 Referral Program Today!

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