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Do’s and Don’ts on CAM4

Do’s and Don’ts on CAM4

What Am I Allowed To Do On Cam?

  • Masturbate
  • Be naked
  • Accept private shows
  • Have guests (if they have uploaded ID and 2257)
  • Be in public
  • Use sex toys/objects for pleasure
  • Hang out and chat
  • Advertise your personal blog
  • Sell merchandise
  • Play games/raffles/contests
  • Squirt shows
  • BDSM shows
  • Pee on cam
  • Drink your own pee
  • Role-play shows
  • Wear uniforms/costumes
  • Do shows with other CAM4 performers

What Am I NOT Allowed To Do On Cam?

  • Be under the age of 18 or have anyone under the age of 18 on cam with you
  • Have animals on cam or use them in a show with you
  • Advertise another cam site
  • Accept paypal or other 3rd party payments
  • No unapproved people on cam
  • No siblings/relatives
  • No self harm or harming others
  • No illegal drug use
  • No blood
  • No peeing on others or drinking others pee
  • No poo
  • No vomit
  • No weapons
  • No hate speech
  • No sleeping on cam

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